B2C Development Services

The term, B2C , is an abbreviation of the term, Business To Consumer, and it is a means for millions of businesses and customers to transact business electronically via websites over the Internet. The B2C business method and the whole concept of B2C development was created with the aim of providing information about products, services and a range of other useful resources in real-time to the many users of the enormous Internet marketplace.

The Growth of B2C Development

Continually, the concept of B2C grows in line with other relevant trends such as the desire within every business to sell its products over the Internet, increasingly sophisticated consumer demands and the advancement in technology for creating e-business B2C sites and user-friendly B2C web facilities.

The Role of GlobalSoft in B2C Development

GlobalSoft is a leading B2C Development company in India with considerable experience in providing optimized B2C portal development to facilitate enterprise growth, improve operational efficiency, extend distribution mechanisms and generally ensure delivery capability amongst fierce competitiveness.

We are competent in developing a range of B2C websites, across numerous platforms such as ASP.Net, PHP and many more and our solutions support such technologies as JavaScript, CGI/Perl, WebLogic, PHP, XSL and XML.

The B2C Development services offered by GlobalSoft include the design of websites, the automation and implementation of automated business process workflows, content management systems, document management systems and we offer hosting services for client websites.

The Benefits of B2C Development:

  • Ability to standardize incoming data and we use the most up-to-date technologies across all our coding practices;
  • We are proficient in third generation systems, which enables us to create sophisticated e-commerce solutions;
  • We can incorporate numerous useful features in our B2C portal development such as high-end querying tools, identify management, individualized desktops, content management systems, document management facilities and many others;
  • We provide complete and helpful information on B2C portals.
  • We excel at the design and implementation of online marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns.