Choosing an outsourcing it company

The practice of outsourcing has grown in popularity amongst business leaders who want the cost benefits that come with reduced overheads and improved profit margins. GlobalSoft is an IT outsourcing company that understands what clients need in terms of outsourcing and we can help them achieve their objectives cost-effectively. The best and most affordable option is outsourcing to an offshore location.

Choose an outsourcing IT company offshore

In modern marketplaces where competition is fierce, it has become very lucrative to outsource software development as a means of reducing overheads and becoming more profitable. It is a practice that helps organizations stay ahead of their competitors.

As outsourcing destinations go, India is a popular location amongst organizations around the world. This is due in part to globalization and technology advancements, so an increasing number of businesses are looking to have their applications developed by offshore IT providers in Ukraine.

At GlobalSoft, we understand what clients want in an outsourcing partner and we do our best to help them increase their profitability by providing them with superior but affordable offshore IT services.

Why choose our outsourcing IT company?

Because we are located in India clients can expect to save up to 50 or 60% on staffing and infrastructure in comparison to what they could expect to spend in their own region.

Cost advantages:

We help clients reduce their overall software development and IT support service costs. We can provide them with full or partial development services at rates that are lower than using local IT agencies or developing products in-house.

Our experience:

We have more than five years experience in software development and database architecture. Hence, we can provide clients with ready-made teams or create specialist project teams quickly so that work can be started immediately with no time wasted.

Our capability:

We can provide clients with specialist expertise that may take too much time or be too difficult to recruit in-house for developing high-performance solutions.

Our IT consultants and developers:

We help clients by providing them with dedicated and highly-skilled developers according to their specific needs.

Do you need an IT outsourcing company?

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for any of the IT support or outsourcing services we offer or if you would like to learn more about our capabilities. We will respond to you within one business day.

As an offshore software development and outsourcing company, GlobalSoft has several years experience of working with clients in many different industries using a range of different technologies. We have helped achieve outstanding results in some of the most business-critical and quality-orientated environments. Our offshore base is strategically located in Ukraine.

At GlobalSoft, we have the experience, knowledge and technical capability to satisfy every type of client. We constantly strive to improve our IT consulting services to ensure we deliver the highest possible quality. It is our belief that offshore outsourcing is only successful when there is a relationship of trust and mutual respect between the client and service provider.

GlobalSoft is more than just your service provider; we partner you in a strategic capacity. Our service models are flexible and can be adapted to suit your requirements. Our communication methods are transparent and you retain control of your outsourced personnel and projects. We comply with best industry practices in our high-quality and mature development processes.