Choosing a suitable outsourcing software development company

What is software outsourcing and who are we?

The IT development company, GlobalSoft, is a global service provider with centers in London, Ukraine and Slovakia. We founded our company in 2005 and since then we have become the software development partner of choice in Eastern Europe for our fast, world-class, onshore, nearshore and offshore outsourcing IT services. We offer clients outstanding value, the opportunity to hire talented developers and, with our help, they enjoy much higher returns on their IT investment. Our vast expertise is such that we can provide a full range of offshore IT and software development services to small, medium and large global businesses. The experts employed by GlobalSoft are talented, skilled, experienced and motivated with a proven track record for providing superior IT Services.

What our outsourcing software development company does

At GlobalSoft, we provide a full and comprehensive range of outsourcing services. In our time in this industry, each developer and website designer in our team has accumulated outstanding expertise in a wide range of development technologies, including Microsoft products. We can assemble specialist teams at our ODCs (Offshore Development Centers) to fit specific client requirements. We go out of our way to provide every client with unique solutions that are both reliable and affordable so that their businesses can deal with any challenge, thrive in the long-term and remain competitive.

Why choose GlobalSoft’s outsourcing software development company?

  • Unrivalled experience in providing specialist teams for offshore and near shore IT outsourcing projects.
  • With a large team of experts to choose from, we can put together a suitable team for your project, no matter what the technology requirements.

  • Focus on quality.
  • We are always careful to ensure our solutions are the highest quality. We understand that this is what helps our clients remain competitive. In adhering to the highest standards, we can build long-lasting, productive and mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients and associates.

  • Geographical benefits.
  • For a variety of reasons, Eastern Europe is a strategic outsourcing location. It offers a strong work ethic, an adherence to best working methods and a cultural outlook that matches that of clients in other countries such as the USA and Western Europe. The time zone difference is also advantageous with a difference of only one or two hours with other parts of Europe. Closeness to Europe means that developers can work in tandem with European clients. With a seven to nine hour time difference with the USA, we can operate a 24-hour work routine with our team working even when clients are asleep. This means that work is ready for you to review at the start of your next working day. Our geographical location facilitates better cooperation and enables us to complete projects more quickly.

  • We facilitate full interaction between clients and their project team.
  • We are very aware of the importance of good communication, both internally and externally. We use the latest communication methods and technologies to ensure there are no misunderstandings about client requirements. Essentially, you are free to communicate with your development or web designing team whenever you wish.

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Generally, the costs of offshore web development are lower than onshore rates, and our Eastern European development center enables us to keep our pricing competitive without making any compromise to the overall quality of our superior IT services.