GlobalSoft is the software outsourcing company #1 on the market. We have almost 20 years of experience providing complex software development solutions. Our professional software outsourcing company services the biggest and the most prestigious organizations all over the world. We provide various software products and essential business applications. We offer development, professional consulting, testing and infrastructure services. The world of software and technology is evolving every day. Running Lean and Agile engagements in a blend of Offshore, Onshore/NearShore models becomes real with us. Our delivery approach is based on transparent and pragmatic style. Distributed delivery is realized by utilizing the most efficient tools and processes. Employees who work for our software outsourcing company are high class engineers. You will see our results speaking for themselves. Our software outsourcing company is always focused on the perfection of our services. Customers from the whole world are provided with complex solutions offered by us.

We are a global offshore software providing company. We provide the best application outsourcing and software development services. We are here to make a real difference for you.

The following factors make us the best development outsourcing company in the world:

  • Our workers
  • Our customers
  • Our focus of delivery
  • Our history

Our workers

Our workers are the main advantage of our custom software development company! We provide the perfection offering IT outsourcing services. Offshore IT development includes highly organized services and the best technical skills of our professionals. We treat every software development project with special accuracy using individual approach to every customer. GlobalSoft is the best employer in the web. Therefore, the most professional web developers work for us. Our company attracts the best brains. Moreover, our staff improves their skills, as we provide the best environment for our staff’s professional growth. We organize extra efficient trainings and delivery practices. We have thousands of associates who work with us. Lots of organizations enjoy the best software development services in the entire world.

Our customers

We want our customers to become our partners. We are not like other software development companies. We deliver superb quality high end products. We are several decades on the software development market. GlobalSoft is the most trusted and much respected company in the whole software development industry. Moreover, our specialist are able to take the most challenging and complex technical projects. We offer wide spectrum of software development services. We are always aimed at building transparent, trustworthy and firm relationship with our customers. We have great competency in technology and business. We are aware of different aspects in business and web commerce. Thus, we can develop applications and software that suit your specific needs and requirements. Lots of customers who are leaders in Media, Travel, Software and Financial Services, consider us the best and the most trusted IT outsourcing and software development partner.

Our focus of delivery

Our focus of delivery fits our inception. Moreover, it develops with our practices, tools and capabilities. The first variant of our world delivery system was developed more than a decade ago in order to satisfy our clients’ needs. Our software development services cover various business lines. We guarantee consistent and high product-level quality. We strive to increase the value of distributed global delivery. The range of engagement models is supported by our center of project management. We also use Agile and SDLC methodologies. It works well with various market options – from timekeeping, to the control of quality. Our delivery focus is a great value for our customers and GlobalSoft.

Our history

GlobalSoft has lots of successful track records in its history. We continue growing and developing our technology platforms and software developing services. Our capability grows every day. We are focused on firm strategic partnership and high quality software development services. GlobalSoft is a recognized IT brand. We provide the most unique and brilliant IT solutions taking complex engineering projects.