Education Services

Business Service Management training is important solution for enterprise’s adoption planning

In fact, 3 of 4 IT projects do not realize the value and do not get a return investment. User adoption is an essential factor for realizing value. Our Business Service Management education can help to avoid customers’ failure of adoption. We offer high quality Business Service Management trainings for your organization.

What is business service management?

We offer you our Business Service Management by developing a deep plan for certification and project team training, explaining how employees’ role will influence on reducing risks, increasing the awareness of project objectives. There are 4 steps to solution adoption: Project Team Enablement, Measurement and Validation, Awareness and Alignment and End-User Enablement.

Project team enablement will provide a detailed knowledge of ongoing operations and administrative requirements of the solution. They will also review solutions being realized combining the process and technology changes.

Measurement & Validation should follow the implementation. User adoption audit will be realized and a baseline will be set within this phase.

Awareness & Alignment will determine a plan of communications in order to ensure positive support of the initiative and to inform the organization.

End User Enablement phase will determine the detailed instructions to ensure skills necessary for the end user adoption and implementation success.

If you want to begin with solution adoption plan, contact business management services to plan educational requirements of your project scope. Our business service management software services will create a custom plan according to our solution adoption framework. We will show it for review by project team and your executive sponsor. The process takes generally 30 days to be completed. We are going to do everything possible for you to be satisfied with our business service management solutions.

Technical certification

Our service business technical certification is created to get value for you and your company. You will be certified to deliver value across the determined product set: cloud lifecycle management, IT service management or other BSM initiatives. With our help, you will be able to deepen your confidence, increase your skills and abilities. We offer software for service of any industry. We provide software as a service of great advantages.

We offer two degrees of technical certification:

  • Certified Professional – get the value that regards to a prescriptive set of pre-determined, out-of-box cases.
  • You will be able to register for a practical examination right after passing the certification.
  • Then you will get a certified expert designation right after passing the practical examination.
  • Certified Expert – deliver the most complex values through integration and configuration.
  • Requirement: should receive your GlobalSoft designation of certified professional designation.
  • You will be able to register for practical examination right after passing the certification.
  • You will get a certified professional designation after passing a practical examination.
  • GlobalSoft will certify that you have technical skills and knowledge for successful realization of the GlobalSoft specific technology.

Why spend money on these certifications?

You will:
  • Get deep knowledge of our products
  • Service the most complex requirements of your company
  • Will be confident that your knowledge and skills are deep and exceptional
  • Join the group of professionals of the industry

In order to achieve the certification, you need to make the next steps. Register at our website and pay the certification. Right after paying you will get an access to study materials. You will take the practical examination for an additional money transfer if you pass the assessment. You should access the partner source web site in order to register as GlobalSoft partner. You need to have your user mane and password for accessing this private website.