Our Partners

We cooperate with the most advanced technology companies to develop the highest quality cross-platform solutions. Our customers should know that we are in the world top 10 software companies list. Lots of our clients know that we are top 10 Software Company. Therefore, numbers of the best and the most popular software development companies and concerns want to have us in their partnership lists. Our website of Software Company demonstrates our ability to provide high quality web applications and other web services. We have the best website development software specialists. Therefore, you are welcome to visit our professional software development website and order our professional web development and application development services. We want you to know that we cooperate with the following companies:

Our top software website cooperates with Actual Technologies. Actual Technologies is the leader in providing ODBC drivers for Mac OS X. We work closely with Actual Technologies as they have to develop the ODBC.

Within last ten years we have been working with Apple. Lots of Mac OS X technologies are supported by GlobalSoft. We provide perfect software development services. We are always ready to participate in Mac OS X development projects.

Lots of our respected customers know that we cooperate closely with Intel. We are the first top software partner who works closely with Intel, developing high quality applications for them. We participate in different projects provided by Intel.

Our top software company also works with Novell. We have represented at Novell’s conference. GlobalSoft’s real world conference was sponsored by Novell several times. We have been working with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10.

We have got firm and trustworthy partnership with Ubuntu software. Ubuntu 6.10 is a supported platform for our top software developing company. We also have a partnership with Red Hat. Red Hat has chosen us from top software companies. It states we are the best partner who matches all their requirements and needs.

Academic Superstore always cooperates with top ten software company lists. They are always focused on high quality of their services. Our top software company cooperates with academic superstore. We are proud of having such a great partner. Academic Superstore delivers the top quality services and technology for teachers, schools and students.

GlobalSoft is glad to have a reliable partnership with software development organizations like MicroWorks. MicroWorks supports the functionality of a cross-platform. SmartDongle USB security key is developed and supported by MicroWorks. SmartDongle USB security key works on Linux, Mac and Windows platforms with code created utilizing GlobalSoftcom.

As you see, we cooperate with the leading companies and enterprises of the entire world. We are proud to see our software development company in the list of partners of the most reputed and world known companies. We guarantee that we can become the best partner for your company. Any project you require will be delivered by us in the shortest terms. We encourage you to visit our professional software development website now in order to start your partnership with the best software development company in the world.