Why GlobalSoft

We are experts in software development. We are aware of all nuances and specific of this industry and it is our advantage. Our software company offers the highest standards of quality. Moreover, we are aimed to save your money, time and nerves.

We operate strong knowledge and great offshore talents. It is a pleasure to cooperate with our software company online. With us your development risks will be minimized.

Our software company has a positive track record based on our experience and successfully developed projects in healthcare, banking, marketing and other industries.

Our software company invests a lot of money in training for out off-shore and on-shore professionals. Moreover, our experts get deep knowledge of clients’ industries issues.

We are #1 among other software development companies. We provide the most professional and the most transparent software development services online. You may know lots of software company names. However, we are the most reputed company. Moreover, we have lots of clients who are leaders of banking and finances, healthcare, marketing and other industries. GlobalSoft is on the top of software companies list. Even top software companies can learn a lot from us. You can be sure that you cooperate with professionals. We are in the list of the world top 10 software companies.

We train our professional offshore teams. Therefore, they master the language of our client’s business. We deliver better products than our competitors.

We use only modern and cost effective platforms and methodologies for software development. You will never overpay with us. We have the best centers of excellence that combine development and evaluation of training and superior technical research programs.

Those centers include:

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Python
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Unix/ Linux
  • Java
  • Windows 8
  • Oracle

Our software company websites work well and effectively. Moreover, we have the best logical tools and buttons dislocation at our website. Therefore, you will have no problems to find everything you need at our website. We make a deep analysis of various factors, including maintenance costs, depth of expertise, applicable regulatory constrains, security concern and integration challenges, while choosing operating and development platform for our respected clients.

We always work fast taking a responsibility of high quality behind our work. You should expect quick returns and low latency as we have experience and deep knowledge of the industry. We have more than 850 skilled and educated engineers who are dedicated to our clients. We guarantee you personalized services and individual approach to every project. Accountability and transparency are the main issues of our company. We provide honest and comfortable communication options. Everything is transparent at our professional software development service. We are always responsible for our mistakes. We will not sign off if the client is not satisfied. Whether it is a Time & Material, Fixed Price, Hybrid or Shared Risk/Reward project, our quality and attitude is the same: we deliver on budget and on time.

Main principles of our company:

  • We are not going to compete with our customer’ business
  • Everything we develop will belong to our customer only
  • We are responsible for clients’ intellectual property and other data
  • We have the most transparent processes and polices
  • All people we hire are trusted professionals
  • Our software development engineers are trustworthy and diligent

We always have very flexible system of prices and very good discounts. Using our professional software developments services you will get the best results for your business. Your application will be developed by the most professional engineers. We guarantee that you will enjoy you perfect application developed by us!