Database Development Services

The unrelenting demand for backend solutions that are capable of handling increasingly complex enterprise requirements and process ever-growing amounts of data presents something of a challenge in the field of database development. So, what is database development?

The development of database solutions that deliver top-performance and incorporate high levels of functionality requires the system architect to have expert knowledge and the know-how to make optimum use of the latest application development techniques. At GlobalSoft, we have a team of superbly-qualified professionals who have the development database expertise to transform your enterprise requirements into highly effective applications:

  • Proficient knowledge in database application development and system architecture
  • A highly-experienced SQL database development team
  • Experience in delivering customized ORM solutions and persistence frameworks
  • Expertise in data protection and security protocols
  • Database QA team

These skills and experience enable GlobalSoft to deliver powerful web-enabled database applications with full integration abilities and capable of supporting a diverse range of business intelligence and enterprise information sources.

At GlobalSoft, our solutions cater for data of a structured or unstructured nature.

Our Database Development Services

As well as offering standard database solutions, GlobalSoft offers a range of specialist database services:

Refactoring and Optimization in Database Development

Where database performance is seriously hampered or offers inadequate scalability, functionality or interoperability, GlobalSoft can provide suitable resolutions including:

  • Testing
  • Making improvements
  • Refactoring

Database Development and Migration

To reduce downtime and ensure smooth migration, GlobalSoft employs complete lifecycle migration techniques. We make optimum use of migration scripting, connectors and ETL technology.

GlobalSoft’s migration methods include:

  • Planning
  • Preparing the host database
  • Testing and simulation
  • Migrating the data
  • Data validation for integrity and consistency.

The Use of Data-enabled Connectors

GlobalSoft is well experienced in building configurable solutions with single and bi-directional data connectors, which allow data be be exchanged, synchronized and mapped across a varied range of platforms, enterprise applications and other databases.

We can:

  • Optimize application functionality and bring added value by integrating your database with useful web-based services such as Amazon, Salesforce and a variety of SaaS solutions. Link enterprise applications for seamless processing, thus avoiding manual data input and validation. This results in transparent operations and highly-effective business intelligence solutions.
  • Building Business Intelligence into Database Development

We build business intelligence into applications through:

  • Data mining
  • Developing OLAP-based cubes
  • Use of Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) methods
  • Incorporating quality control
  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Typically, GlobalSoft will accurately visualize output and effectively organize aggregated data into business intelligence platforms, making them available via a web user interface for decision makers.

Key Database Development Principles

Incorporating Security Protocol

At GlobalSoft, we pay great attention to applying the appropriate security protocols to our database design and development processes, which includes:

  • Defining database user roles and planning security schematics accordingly
  • Authenticating users and applying suitable authorization privileges
  • Providing secure connections
  • Encrypting data
  • Ensuring overall security protocol compliance
  • Undertaking database risk audits and assessing potential vulnerabilities.

High-Performance Database Development

Our experience in developing database solutions able to deliver high-performance and based on sophisticated topology and architecture is first-rate. Our solutions offer comprehensive querying facilities, accurate indexing, caching, data clustering capabilities and load balancing amongst other functionality.

These types of solutions are necessary for web-based applications that process data in real-time and manage enormous amounts of structured and unstructured data, of which payment systems, news websites, social networking and content management systems are good examples.

We use Quality Control and ETL Techniques

For enterprise use, a good database should contain consistent and well-organized data, which should be easy to access and manipulate. GlobalSoft applies ETL techniques in addition to data normalization and cleansing. To achieve this, we rely on a team of professional experts who have outstanding knowledge in all aspects of database methodology and technology including SQL server database development.