Enjoy superior services from a reputable offshore software development company

As a seasoned provider of offshore software development services, GlobalSoft uses tried-and-tested software development and project management processes. We make optimum use of the Agile method to ensure fast and efficient delivery of superior solutions based on open source and third party technologies, of which Adobe and Microsoft are examples.

The business of outsourcing your IT and web development projects to an offshore provider requires delicate balancing to ensure you succeed in reducing your technology costs without compromising on product quality or timely delivery. However, GlobalSoft gets this balance right. We also differ in many other ways from rival software development companies. We don’t speak in riddles or try and mesmerize you. You will find us open and transparent in our business dealings and operational processes.


No matter what you require, be it software development, website design, or occasional support, we have a service model to suit you. If you are new to outsourcing, then you may have some initial reservations. This is perfectly understandable. If you choose a substandard service provider or a provider who doesn’t fully understand your requirements, it can be disastrous. However, when IT outsourcing is successful, it can really improve your profit margins. And this is what we want to provide you with.

The experts who founded GlobalSoft had already had considerable IT industry experience before starting this venture. Their industry knowledge has led to us having failsafe software and web development methodology and a stable, flexible project management framework.

Our proven working methods enable us to contribute in a most positive way to our clients’ strategic goals. If you would like to learn more about GlobalSoft’s experience, our leadership and what other clients have to say about us, then feel free to take a look at our website. This will give you a clear idea about our company, our services, our capabilities and our passion for doing what we do. Should you have any other queries, please do contact us to discuss them. When you embark on an outsourcing IT partnership from afar and in another country, there needs to be a high level of openness and trust. You need to have entire confidence in our integrity as well as our capabilities. We are certain we can provide you with outstanding value and we want you to have confidence in our IT offshore services. So, why not contact us today? Tell us about whatever project you have in mind and we will be delighted to help.

Do you now know enough about us? Then, let’s discuss your project. Visit our customer enquiry page and tell us about your ideas and concepts. We will acknowledge your enquiry within twelve working hours. Don’t feel too confused if some of the detail looks very technical; we will explain it in terms you will understand. We won’t use technical terminology unless you are technically-minded and want us to. We will discuss your business outsourcing needs and pass the information to our technical team.

We understand that outsourcing and choosing a good offshore software development company is a difficult decision. The choice is even more difficult when your outsourcing partner is based offshore. It is for this reason you need to be very cautious in your selection. We have almost thirteen years experience in our industry and this has enabled us to perfect our processes and methods. We can now say with confidence that you are making a great decision when you choose our offshore software development company as your IT partner.