Game Development

The game development industry is a specialist one which relies on the expert knowledge of a diverse range of skilled personnel including game design experts to skilled programmers and graphic designers. The escalating costs of producing game development software coupled with sharp industry competition means that many businesses are seeking affordable ways to accommodate top quality game software development activities. Furthermore, the fact that the games industry offers great potential to draw in high volumes of users and, therefore, great growth and revenue possibilities, demand for video and computer game development has increased enormously.

In the field of computer and video game development, Ukraine is now recognized as a very popular outsourcing destination. This is partly because it offers a large talent pool of experienced, professionally-qualified programmers and developers, reduced development costs and world-class quality products. The benefits of outsourcing in Ukraine in terms of experience and excellence has led many large organizations to source their development requirements in Ukraine.

GlobalSoft is a market-leading company in Ukraine specializing in providing a comprehensive range of game development design services. We rely on a team of experienced and expert game developers capable of providing a full spectrum of services from game design to product development. Our game development programs are cost-effective and we enable clients to take advantage of all the benefits by hiring our developers for their particular projects.

    GlobalSoft offers the following types of game development:

  • Games for personal computers and consoles;
  • Games with Flash design for use online and on desktop computers;
  • Games that are based on Java programming;
  • Games for use on mobile devices.

Our Approach to Game Development

    At GlobalSoft, we apply a structured approach to developing games as follows:

  • Depending on client requirements, we devise gaming ideas. We document our ideas clearly along with the features to be included in the game application.
  • When the nature of the game application has been agreed upon, our team provide a schematic of the game design in terms of how it is to be laid out and presented. Our graphic experts provide all necessary animation and other requirements for the 2d or 3d game development project.
  • Depending on the type of platform the game is required for, our team will select the most appropriate programming method such as Flash, Java or PHP to develop the application.
  • Once the game application is complete, it is tested extensively by our team to identify any bugs or defects. When the testing is successfully complete, the application is released for the client to use.

Why Choose GlobalSoft for your Game Development Requirements?

    Clients enjoy the following benefits by choosing GlobalSoft as their game development outsourcing partner:

  • Highly-Skilled Developers:
  • Our clients benefit from the excellent skills and productivity levels of professional personnel. Our team are encouraged to keep their skills current so that they are conversant with the most up-to-date technologies.

  • Excellent Communication Channels:
  • At GlobalSoft, effective client communication is a high priority so we make sure that we keep clients involved and informed throughout the full development lifecycle.

  • Keen Business Focus:
  • When clients outsource their development projects to GlobalSoft, they can then focus on their core business activities.

  • Cost-Efficient Game Development:
  • GlobalSoft promises high-quality services and affordable software for game development. Our clients are spared the expense and inconvenience of recruiting and establishing their own resources and infrastructure.