Getting the best value IT outsourcing services

As a market-leading provider of outsourcing services in Eastern Europe, GlobalSoft offers a full spectrum of time-saving IT services that allow key staff to focus on core business functions and efficiency improvements.

Exclusively positioned as the primary outsourcing partner of regional government bodies and numerous privately-owned businesses, our 25-year record of providing superior outsourcing solutions in the fields of offshore development and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is impressive.

We offer our clients cost-effective development, infrastructure support and project management services. Our IT help is available both on and offshore in such countries as Singapore, Malaysia, China and Australia, and includes:

  • A full range of BPO services to clients in all industry types.
  • A large team of skilled resources from our ODCs (Offshore Development Centers) serving clients in several Asian locations with high-quality, low-cost solutions.
  • As well as providing operational and management support, we offer consultancy and migration services to help clients transition from their existing systems. These services cover work flows, process mapping, user training, user documentation, system monitoring and user acceptance assessments.

Our certifications include IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) accreditation, BS15000 and BS7799 certification for IT Services and Information Security Management, and we are listed as one of the top 100 global outsourcing companies. Our China center is also certified to CMMi standards.

As an accomplished provider of BPO solutions, clients benefit in the following ways with our help:

  • The use of well-proven outsourcing methods to smoothen project delivery
  • A full spectrum of IT outsourcing services from initial contact to implementation.
  • Leverage extensive experience in providing business and outsourcing solutions.
  • Large team of skilled IT professionals to undertake diverse outsourcing projects.
  • Complete client projects in line with recommended practices.
  • Dedication to client satisfaction and high-quality service delivery.
  • Competitive labor costs from ODCs located in cost-competitive regions.

Currently, the IT outsourcing services industry is thriving with many organizations outsourcing their IT projects to offshore service providers. Indeed, offshore IT systems development is a key operational strategy in many organizations. So, why this trend? For a start, reduced development costs are an influencing factor. In the second place, offshore providers are gaining a reputation for high levels of agility, quality and productivity. Other factors are:

  • More time to concentrate on key business activities
  • Time can be spent identifying other investment opportunities.
  • Access to a broader spectrum of knowledge, skills and resources.
  • Reduced development times.
  • Reduced operational costs.
  • When there is a shortage of suitable local resources, IT service outsourcing is a great option. It is an excellent and cost-effective means of accessing a large resource pool. Recent research suggests that outsourcing can save between 20 to 40% on development. These are some of the areas you can reduce costs:


    IT outsourcing can save you about 40 – 80% on project manpower costs.

    Variable salary costs

    You won’t have to pay high permanent salary costs with outsourcing because you only pay salary costs according to the work our experts do for you.

    One-off project investment

    Clients won’t have to spend persistently on infrastructure or staff training for new projects. With outsourcing, you just make a one-off investment according to your project size and requirements.

    More spare capital

    Outsourcing is a great means of freeing your IT capital to invest in other projects.

    More focus on customer and business-centric activities

    Outsourcing provides more free time to concentrate on key customer and business related matters to develop your business and improve sales.

    Other advantages of offshore outsourcing include:

    • More time to make your business more competitive.
    • More time for marketing and promoting your company brand.
    • More time for improving business performance and efficiency.
    • More time to extend your services and focus on retaining existing customers.
    • More time to focus on key business functions.
    • Faster turnaround times and deadlines met.

    No doubt, offshore outsourcing is an excellent means of reducing IT support costs and getting your products to market more quickly, even ahead of your competition.

    Our technical resources and expertise

    Many offshore IT companies have large, highly-skilled teams with the expertise to handle the most complex challenges. They continually seek improvement to provide clients with the best offshore IT solutions. The real benefit of outsourcing is that you get projects completed quickly without spending too much time.