Good reasons to choose outsourcing Ukraine

Centrally located in Europe, Ukraine has a large pool of talented IT resources, low manpower costs and a mature technology infrastructure. Indeed, in Ukraine, the IT consulting and development sector is one of the largest economical growth areas.

Some of the benefits of IT offshore outsourcing to Ukraine include:

  • Highly-qualified and skilled manpower
  • Because of the strong emphasis on science and engineering education in Ukraine, a large number of well-qualified experts emerge annually from the technical colleges there. In fact, Ukraine was rated amongst the top ten countries for having the most highly-qualified technical expertise.

  • Cultural outlook
  • Ukraine has strong historical ties with the rest of Europe owing to the similarity in business ethics and cultural outlook. Such factors as high-quality output, multi-lingual skills and advantageous time zone difference make it an ideal outsourcing destination. Over 70% of Ukraine’s IT experts are employed by European businesses.

  • Time difference advantage
  • Because of its location, there is little time zone difference with the rest of Europe. It offers a 24x7 offshore IT operational capacity for countries that are further afield, such as the USA. This round-the-clock working pattern facilitates easy collaboration and smooth communication.

  • Technology infrastructure
  • Overseas investors understand the opportunities there are for software development and IT support services in Ukraine. The ready-availability of first-class, low-cost programmers and developers are key drivers in making Ukraine a prime IT outsourcing destination.

  • Industry awards and recognition
  • The European Outsourcing Excellence Award nominated Ukraine in the Destination of the Year category.

    In BrainBench’s IT IQ report, Ukraine ranks fourth in the top ten countries for having the highest number of certified technology experts.

    Ukraine was identified as the most conducive location for businesses to outsource their full information technology function to in the 2010-2011 European IT Outsourcing Intelligence report.

    According to the magazine, Newsweek, Ukraine came in at number 49 of the top 100 countries in the world for being the best place to live.

The IT outsourcing sector in Ukraine showed steady growth over recent years and demonstrates overall market growth in terms of the number of IT services companies and experts working in this field, putting other IT outsourcing destinations well behind.

Other facts about outsourcing Ukraine

Ukraine offers highly-educated and highly-skilled developers who are well capable of handling challenging development projects. Labor costs generally fall between those of Russia and India, meaning Ukraine developers provide outstanding value for outsourcing in IT. Another important regional factor is political unrest.

At GlobalSoft, we carefully assess all Ukraine developers before hiring them. We test English communication skills and we look for references. All our employees agree to respect client confidentiality and protect intellectual property rights. So, you can feel confident and safe in partnering GlobalSoft. Benefits of choosing outsourcing Ukraine

With over 85% of school leavers embracing higher education and a 99+% literacy rate, Ukraine offers an extensive and well-qualified resource pool. Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, the historical emphasis on education has prevailed. Not only does Ukraine produce programmers and developers, there are also a considerable number of product testers and Quality Assurance specialists.

With a strong background in high-end technology and defense systems, Ukraine has a large number of world-class software engineers competent in undertaking complex projects. Demand for the number of companies in IT outsourcing has increased in Ukraine, especially since it started its democratic transformation.

There is little doubt you will find the consulting IT services and software expertise you require in Ukraine. Any business that needs highly-skilled programmers and developers would do well to consider Ukraine outsourcing. Where applications need specific scientific expertise, Ukraine developers are a great choice because they excel in such programming languages as C and C++ as well as in developing embedded solutions.

Are there any disadvantages to Ukraine outsourcing?

Traditionally, political unrest and regional instability may have been a concern for those considering Ukraine outsourcing. However, recent government changes have eliminated the more severe concerns. But, some clients may still feel more comfortable with countries where there is more historical stability and stronger laws surrounding IPR (intellectual property rights) protection.

Some Ukraine developers may not feel sufficiently challenged by mundane or automated tasks, or by routine data processing jobs, so they may not apply the levels of zeal you require.