High-quality CMS Customization solutions

Such open source web development technologies as MySQL and PHP are popular amongst developers for creating web-based applications, of which Website CMS (content management systems) are an example. Currently, as many as four of every ten popularly-visited websites are based on MySQL or PHP. It is because these open source platforms offer high levels of security, stability and affordability that they are so popular amongst aspiring entrepreneurs and savvy business people.

Content Management Systems and CMS Customization

Developers use CMS (Content Management Systems) as a quick and convenient means of creating websites. Being mindful of the benefits and popularity of open source technology, many businesses establish their own CMS solutions, often based on such platforms as Drupal, Joomla, Magento, OS Commerce, PHPNuke, WordPress, Zen Cart and similar technologies.

Each of these CMS solutions use PHP to provide the user interface and MySQL as the database engine. A content management system provides the means of launching a newly-created or customized website in a matter of minutes.

CMS Customization (Open Source Technology) Services

These days, it is easy to locate an open source content management system. There are many available on the Internet, freely downloadable. But, many of these do not provide the levels of customization required by the user and many users are not sufficiently skilled to customize these systems for themselves. Hence, they look for the expert CMS customization skills of a professional service provider.

We Offer Open Source CMS Customization to Meet Your Specific Needs

CMS solutions based on open source technology can be used for all types of activities. For instance, if an individual wants to launch a small business, a large enterprise or start a blogging facility, they could use WordPress, which is a stable and feature-rich platform. Likewise, an e-commerce entrepreneur could consider Magento, OS Commerce or ZenCart as a viable option. And any manner of a website can be created with Light WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

We help clients get the best CMS solution for their particular needs. An effective Website CMS should be unique and allow you full editorial control to add or edit any aspect you wish.

    Our customized CMS solutions include:

  • Flash
  • Joomla, MAMBO and Drupal;
  • Orange
  • OSCommerce
  • Photoshop and PSD-based templates
  • WordPess
  • And any open source or proprietary CMS system

    Through our CMS Customization services, we give you full website control. Our site management methods are fast, easy and cost-effective:

  • Quickly add text, links or images to your site;
  • Web page layouts ready-formatted;
  • Development and integration of images, Joomla-based modules, add-ons and templates as well as Drupal CMS Customization and WordPress plug-ins and themes;
  • HTML code edited directly at source if required;
  • Unlimited webspace;
  • Unlimited bandwidth and download options;
  • Capacity to add unlimited number of pages;
  • Document links to all file types e.g. MS Word, .PDF, etc;
  • Easy creation of product lists;
  • Password protection for any website page or area;
  • Membership areas;
  • Self-subscription membership facilities;
  • Compatible with multiple browsers and search engines;
  • Reporting facilities for visitor traffic;
  • High-powered e-commerce facility;
  • Fully configurable to suit any type of business activity;
  • Tracking and reporting for inventory management;
  • Automated thumbnailing for images;
  • Configurable catalog indexing and searching facilities;
  • Links between suggested items and product lists;
  • Unrestricted category and sub-category facility;
  • Secure sales options;
  • Optional 128-bit SSL Security;
  • Real-time payment processing;
  • Real-time calculations for delivery and shipping;
  • Extra delivery costs accommodated according to destination, quantity or weight.
  • Only quotation options;
  • Reporting on popular products;
  • Simple checkout facility;
  • All fields fully configurable;
  • Online invoicing and billing options;
  • Custom options e.g. product sizes and colors;
  • Loyalty coupons;
  • Gift cards and certificates;
  • Consumer wish lists;
  • Tracking of repeat customer patterns;
  • Secure access to shopping history;
  • Secure user account logins;
  • Order status checking e.g. new, in-progress, shipped, etc.
  • Lifecycle system upgrades, free-of-charge;
  • And much more!

Feel free to contact us if you would like more information on your very own Website Content Management System.