Hire Dedicated Development Team

For numerous businesses, the practice of outsourcing their development requirements is an ideal means of resolving their staffing problems. So, we invite you to choose us as your software outsourcing partner and hire dedicated developers from us for your projects. If it is your aim to establish an IT operation at significantly reduced costs, or if you need ongoing help with your development projects, we recommend you enlist the help of GlobalSoft to start an offshore base where you can hire a dedicated development team comprised of expert developers and efficient project managers.

    Hire Dedicated Development Team and Enjoy the Following Benefits:

  • Your work will be undertaken by a dedicated software development team and experienced project managers. GlobalSoft is renowned for providing the highest quality professionals. Furthermore, our historical links and cultural similarities with the USA and Western Europe ensures that business processes flow more smoothly and with greater efficiency.
  • We offer scalable solutions and the most suitable infrastructure to support dedicated offshore service delivery to ensue seamless integration with each client’s operational processes.
  • Lower costs. Compared to other service providers, our costs are considerably lower. Hence, clients can hire dedicated developers with over three years experience at very low rates.
  • Clients can select their dedicated development team from our in-house resources or from a pool of specially-invited candidates.
  • Once clients hire a team of developers, they can be supervised by the client or by one of our own consultants who will have over six years experience.
  • Client retains complete control of the full project lifecycle, its budget and its personnel.
  • Smooth communication with hired personnel through email or online meeting facilities such as video conferencing.
  • We accommodate joint access to all project servers and the documention held on them through Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • We offer flexible working hours and match our hours to your time zone.
  • We provide Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) where the dedicated developers you hire commit to keep your data confidential and we provide clients with full Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection.

We can help you setup an individual or multiple offshore development teams according to your particular requirements. We choose these experts carefully and they are highly qualified, well-motivated and equipped with the latest knowledge and technology. In the case of larger projects, we provide specialist kit as part of the project agreement or on a rental basis.

Our development teams are well capable of undertaking an array of tasks according to the needs of clients, ranging from small businesses to large corporate enterprise requirements. Our services cover the full project lifecycle including client needs analysis, the study and design of the required architecture, project support, human resourcing, project co-ordination and management and data security.

When clients choose to hire dedicated development team, they benefit from reduced risk and up to a 40-50% cost reduction. It is estimated that the annual cost of a UK or USA developer is more than $70,000. The annual cost of an experienced developer from GlobalSoft works out an average $32,000. Availing of our business team development model represents a significant saving because you don’t have to cover staff social benefit costs such as healthcare, vision care, dental care, life assurance, disability cover or paid holidays.

We recommend you begin a beneficial partnership with GlobalSoft now, so why not contact us to learn more about the offshore advantages when you hire dedicated development team.