Hire a Developer

When you hire a developer, they work dedicatedly on your behalf. So, you get control of your own in-house team along with the financial benefits of offshore outsourcing.

For the past number of years, both individuals and businesses have appreciated the advantages of choosing to hire a PHP developer or designer from an offshore service provider. In comparison to financing in-house personnel, the practice of hiring programmers and developers on contract brings considerable cost reductions. Additionally, the global abundance of developer for hire resources ensures that projects can be completed successfully without any extra training or other expense.

Hire Developer – GlobalSoft’s Services

So, if you are wondering how to hire a developer, GlobalSoft offers a large team of highly-qualified and extensively experienced programmers and developers for you to select from. All the advantages of offshore outsourcing can be found through one service provider where a dedicated team will be allocated to your project according to your precise needs. You will retain full control over the resources you hire and you can view them as your own employees while we make sure your project is delivered seamlessly.

We know that projects differ from one to another and need to be accommodated according to their unique requirements. Hence, in choosing developer hire services; clients can select the methods that best suits their particular needs on, for instance, a monthly contract basis.

Clients can save as much as 60% by choosing a PHP developer for hire on an hourly basis in comparison to employing in-house personnel in the traditional way.

Hire a Developer – The Benefits from GlobalSoft:

Choose to hire PHP developers to work exclusively on your behalf:

Hire dedicated offshore resources to work solely for you through GlobalSoft and make enormous savings on recruitment costs, salaries and staff benefits.

Hire a Developer and choose your own Resources:

Our team is the perfect blend of skills and experience. Clients can select amongst our highly-qualified team of ASP, Java, PHP and .Net programmers and designers. The skills of our people are backed by our solid guarantee of their excellence.

Zero start-up and no maintenance costs or tax implications:

Take advantage of our PHP developer hire service at low monthly rates. We provide an excellent transparent service with no hidden costs.

Around the clock support:

We provide round-the-clock shift working to cater for our global clientele. Regardless of where you are, we can accommodate your working hours.

Stay in Touch with your Team:

Clients can remain connected without interruption with the team they hire by phone, email and instant messenger and receive regular project updates.

Trust and Confidentiality:

The team at GlobalSoft respect client trust and confidentiality and offer ethical business methods to ensure your satisfaction at all times. In Paris in 2010, our high quality standards earned us the The World Quality Commitment Award.

Hire a Developer and Benefit from Client Focused Solutions that Give you Control:

Once clients hire developer resources from us, they manage and control the full project without any hindrance from GlobalSoft. Currently, we don’t offer hiring options per project basis. We merely accommodate the hiring of resources for an agreed amount of hours. You take care of the project’s successful execution in much the same way as you would do with our own in-house team in terms of working hours, attendance, punctuality and other supervisory aspects. In the event you are dissatisfied, you can request a change of resources. Rights to Source Code:

Clients own all rights to final source code.

Selling Rights to Third Parties:

Clients own the right to sell code to third parties without obligation.

Working Hours:

Monday to Friday (5 days per week at 8 hours each day).


Weekends – Saturdays and Sundays and other Regional and National holidays in Ukraine.

    What you can expect:

  • Highly-qualified and well-experienced personnel;
  • Strict 5-day working week at 8 hours per day;
  • Hospitable working conditions;
  • We guarantee excellent communication and timely response via phone, email, instant messenger and video link;
  • Regular progress reports by the day or week as you specify;
  • We apply easy-to-understand coding standards;
  • Sophisticated software, hardware and communications infrastructure;
  • High-speed Internet connections via leased line and broadband.