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JavaScript Development

You will find a world-class team of JavaScript experts at These developers have delivered countless successful projects across many different industries. The applications we build are carefully designed so that they accurately meet the needs and budgets of our clients. It is possible to create highly responsive and very dynamic websites using JavaScript – websites that perform like desktop apps when it comes to load time and processing speed. Real time updating without having to completely refresh pages is entirely possible with AJAX.

Undoubtedly, JavaScript is becoming ever more widely used for creating really good web applications. It’s hardly surprising that an increasing number of libraries are being used to make the job of building convoluted web applications easier. Are your developers competent at building highly-interactive and engaging websites? Is your in-house team capable of bringing you the best ROI by properly designing complex and high-performance websites? You can avail of a wide range of development services from We are expert at developing Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) thanks to our considerable expertise and many years experience in this domain.

The following is a sample of what we offer:

  • Integrated development using a range of server-side tools including ASP.Net, ColdFusion, Java/JSP, Lasso, PHP, Ruby-on-Rails, and more.
  • Development of web applications based on such JavaScript frameworks as AngularJS, BackboneJS, ExtJS, JQuery, KnockoutJS, RequireJS, and so on.
  • Development of mobile web applications using JQuery Mobile and SenchaTouch.
  • Development of interactive application using NodeJS.
  • JavaScript programming with XML and JSON.
  • AJAX programming with jQuery.
  • Development of customized applications.
  • Development of various portals.
  • Development of CM (Content Management) systems/tools.
  • Development of shopping carts and other e-commerce tools
  • Development, customization, and deployment of various software plug-ins.
The Technologies we Use

The JavaScript developers at have all the knowledge and experience needed to rapidly create successful solutions using the technologies and databases supported by JavaScript. Our considerable proficiency in many different tools and technologies is the result of having delivered countless projects to a global clientele.

The following are just some of the technologies we have become proficient in:

  • Adobe AIR/Adobe Spry
  • AJAX and ASP.Net
  • AngularJS, BackboneJS, ExtJS, JQuery, KnockoutJS, NodeJs, and RequireJS
  • Core JavaScript
  • Dojo
  • JSON and jQuery
  • Scriptaculous and Prototype
  • SenchaTouch,
  • YUI

Our experts have a huge range of technical skills covering numerous frameworks, databases, servers, language, and libraries – essentially, most technology types. We carefully analyze every business requirement to ensure each client receives the most suitable technology to meet that requirement. We use such project management and development methods as Agile (FDD, Scrum, XP), RUP, and V-M to ensure projects are delivered as cost-efficiently as possible.

In our domain, is known as being one of the best software development companies for providing effective IT and enterprise solutions. Our services include consultancy (business, management and strategic consulting), website maintenance, computer support, and network support. Essentially, we are leaders in providing all types of technical support services. We also have a strong reputation in the field of Internet marketing – most of all, we want to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied.