Hire Offshore Developers

When clients hire offshore developers from GlobalSoft they can expect highly-skilled personnel of world-class caliber. Quite importantly, our personnel are willing to work in the same time zone and during the same business hours as the client. Clients can hire one or multiple offshore software developers to enhance their existing development teams, for research and development purposes or for system support and maintenance and, whatever the requirement, we can offer well-managed and highly-skilled technical personnel at substantially reduced rates.

While we don’t promise that our offshore developers can perform miracles, we can bring a number of advantages to your business. We can provide you with complete control over the offshore software development process as well as improved work quality, whilst reducing the level of effort and time needed on your part. It is possible for us to provide 24x7 offshore development services owing to our process methods and recruitment model.

The offshore service delivery model we offer has proved suitable for medium-sized organizations. In the current environment of constantly-changing business needs, it is very difficult for organization’s to map their needs and operational processes in order to build the most suitable solutions to support their particular business model. In many cases, it has proved impossible to rely on the conventional SDL (software development lifecycle) model which includes collecting information, planning the project, developing the product, testing the product and applying appropriate quality assurance measures. However, at GlobalSoft, we have devised an alternative tried-and-tested method where organizations can hire offshore developers under flexible arrangements to undertake the development, product testing, documentation and quality control aspects. Our team comprises of a well-organized pool of talented professionals whom you can engage by the month on a flexible basis for a fixed fee. Through this arrangement, our state-of-the-art communications technology and reliable infrastructure are available to the client for as long as they require.

Hire Offshore Developers – How it Works

Our ODT (offshore development or dedicated team) can be seen as an extended arm of your own in-house technical team. Our dedicated service model enables us to bring you the best set of skills in a flexible way that reduces the time it takes to get your products to market and protects your IPR (intellectual property rights). In the IPR model, all rights are retained by the client. If you are likely to need ongoing offshore outsourcing services, then the dedicated model is the most cost-effective option. Where clients need to hire offshore PHP developers on a long-term basis, we put special quality control processes in place by ensuring a select group of our resources are specially trained in your specific requirements.

In the dedicated service model, our work is highly visible giving you total control over the people and technology. Put simply, a dedicated resource provides high levels of efficiency at lower costs.

We believe our ODT service is an excellent option for long-term development and ongoing support requirements and serves as an extended in-house team for your organization.

    Hire Offshore Developers – The Benefits

  • Savings of between 40% to 60% compared to conventional outsourcing and in-house resourcing;
  • No extra costs or overheads with fixed monthly fees;
  • Your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) fully protected;
  • Improved control over offshore personnel and development work.
  • Reduce risk and higher ROI.

    The infrastructure we use:

  • Dual core-processor computers
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Internet connectivity through leased line with redundancy built-in;
  • Linux-based development server;
  • Data secured by failsafe backup plan;
  • Network and system administration/support provided free-of-charge;
  • Linux-based server provided at client site for testing;
  • Code versioning – SVN;
  • Data backup and anti virus systems provided;
  • Direct communication between client and developers.