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Are you looking to hire PHP developers from a good offshore PHP development company? If so, you can choose GlobalSoft as your outsourcing partner and make significant savings through our value-added services. We are renowned for consistently delivering high-quality and high-performance solutions punctually. Our team of expert PHP developers for hire are conversant with the most up-to-date technologies, methods and infrastructure and they are adept at completing all types of projects, no matter how simple or complex.

Hire PHP Developers and Expect the Following Development Services:

  • Programming with CorePHP;
  • Social media and networking applications;
  • Web portals;
  • Web applications
  • Portals for travel and tourism;
  • Capability with Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture;
  • Customized solutions based on open source frameworks;
  • Customized scripting in PHP;
  • E-commerce and e-business platforms.

A leading service provider in India, the expertise of GlobalSoft’s skilled developers is globally available to clients in over ten countries. We are renowned for facilitating clients who need to hire PHP developers India cost-effectively. Each member of our team has over five years of practical experience in PHP development and they have competently delivered numbers MySQL and PHP-based projects.

The Technical Capability you can Expect when you Hire PHP Developers

  • 100% object-oriented programming with Interface and Class, Inheritance;
  • Proficiency in PHP version 4.x and version 5.x;
  • Considerable exposure to Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture;
  • Knowledge of such open source platforms as CodeIgnier, CakePHP and Yii.
  • SOAP programming;
  • AJAX, JSON and XML;
  • jQuery and Prototype.

Hire PHP Developers and Benefit from Ongoing Support

When clients hire dedicated PHP developers through us, they are assured of our long-term support. We don’t stop once your project is delivered; we help clients manage and maintain their PHP systems. We are still maintaining many of the projects we delivered a long while ago and we have been cooperating with our customers for many years.

Benefits for Clients who Hire PHP Developers

GlobalSoft has substantial experience in all aspects of PHP. Our team can competently use a range of PHP platforms including Joomla, Magento, WordPress, ZenCart and many more.

Other good reasons to hire PHP web developers from GlobalSoft are:

  • Our CEO has over ten years experience in web development;
  • Our PHP developers have over five years hands-on experience;
  • Confidentiality, data security and IP protection guaranteed 100%;
  • Transparency with no hidden charges;
  • Flexible hiring models and billing options;
  • Client retains full control over PHP web development personnel;
  • Progress reports provided daily by phone, email or Instant Messenger;
  • Senior and junior technical support services free-of-charge;
  • Minimum of 160 hours worked per month;
  • Holidays and absences notified in advance.

Is it Possible to Hire PHP Developers on a Part-time basis?

Clients can hire developers from GlobalSoft on either a full or part time arrangement. In choosing to hire personnel full-time, that resource will work solely for you and you can communicate with them at all times during business hours via phone, email or IM. In the full-time hiring model, a developer will work eight hours per day to a total of 160 hours per month and a part-time developer will work four hours per day up to a total of 80 hours per month.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire PHP Developers?

Our hiring costs are based on such criteria as whether the arrangement is full or part time, the nature of the project and other relevant factors. As a rough guide though, a PHP developer at junior level costs around US$600.00/month while a PHP developer of senior caliber costs about US$900.00/month. However, we offer excellent value, so whatever hiring option you choose will bring you an attractive ROI. When there is uncertainty about the amount of hours you will need per month, you can choose a “Pay as you go” option, which works out at around US$8.00 per hour.

Wishing to know more about our excellent PHP development services, contact our representatives today and we will get back to you within one business day.