Hire X-Cart Developers

The open source X-Cart development platform is essentially a system for managing e-commerce stores. X-Cart is based on PHP, uses HTML-developed components and is MySQL database-driven. It is available free-of-charge under the GNU General Public Licensing Agreement and it supports numerous currencies and languages.

Each member of our dedicated team of X-Cart designers and developers has over three years experience and they have all graduated from some of the world’s top colleges and universities. When clients choose to hire X-Cart developers, we offer them personnel with varying qualification levels depending on their project requirements and budget. Additionally, we facilitate direct communication between each client and the X-Cart developers they hire through such means as phone, email, instant messenger, web conferencing, video link, Yahoo, MSN, Skype or any other method of their choosing. We also offer clients the opportunity to hold regular progress meetings so that they can get status reports on their project’s progress.

When clients hire resources from our X-Cart development company, they can expect a full range of X-Cart functionality and features to accommodate their online business. They can choose from an array of features that best suit their needs.

Some of the Services Clients Can Expect When They Hire X-Cart Developers From GlobalSoft:

  • Configuration and installation of X-Cart solutions;
  • Development of shopping cart facilities;
  • Migration of X-Cart systems;
  • Design of customized X-Cart templates;
  • Development of e-commerce websites based on X-Cart technology;
  • Configuration and installation of pre-developed X-Cart modules;
  • Facilities for clients to hire X-Cart developers to achieve stable online stores;
  • A team of X-Cart experts available to provide customized solutions;
  • An end-to-end range of e-commerce solutions;
  • High levels of security applied to e-commerce development practices;
  • Developers available to create an array of custom functionality and unique storefront designs;
  • SEO-friendly e-commerce websites with the option to add customized titles, different url’s for various products and meta tags;
  • Security built into X-Cart e-commerce sites through Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and activated between vendor server and client browser.

Hire X-Cart Developers – The Benefits of Choosing GlobalSoft

  • Save over 60% of your total development costs;
  • Projects delivered punctually within agreed schedule;
  • Regular project reports, daily if required, provided through online project management system;
  • Client manages the developers they hire;
  • Client can contact the X-Cart design and development personnel they hire at all times during business hours by phone, email or Instant Messenger;
  • Client can select their own preferred X-Cart development staff from our experienced team to ensure they get the most suitable expertise for their chosen platform.

Currently, X-Cart features highly amongst the most popular development tools in the marketplace for those who wish to extend their online venture with minimal outlay on resources or infrastructure and we are constantly on-hand to help you grow your business.

GlobalSoft is your best option once you have decided to hire X-Cart developers because our team are the most highly-skilled and experienced available. Our team are skilled in CMS design and development, integrating X-Cart forms and templates, creating customized modules and developing content management systems and Ajax-enabled shopping carts. And we are available 24x7 to assist you.