HTML5 & CSS3 Development

The abbreviated terms, HTML and CSS, are short for HyperText Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets respectively. The two technologies are actually programming tools with a valuable role in indexing and in terms of being search engine friendly. With technology for both the web and mobile devices becoming ever more sophisticated, the emergence of CSS and HTML5 development will only serve to ensure that it becomes even more stunning than could previously be imagined. Collectively, css3 and HTML5 app development bring a truly amazing experience to web and mobile users.

Why is HTML5 & CSS3 Development so Good?

Undoubtedly, HTML5 application development and HTML5 web development offers some excellent potential and features which, for example, facilitate geographical positioning, offline file and data storage, web-enabled sockets and comprehensive drawing tools. Video and multimedia streaming can additionally be integrated into web browser tools. And CSS3 is provided with innovative features that enhance the user experience dramatically.

While there are a myriad of delightful features, some useful ones include font and region shadowing, page translucency, customized font embedding, gallery of background images and the ability to translate.

Our Services in HTML5 & CSS3 Development Include:

  • Porting for HTML5 applications;
  • Innovative HTML5 mobile development for Smartphone apps;
  • Engaging HTML5 games development;
  • Trendy HTML5 mobile application development;
  • All-purpose website development in HTML5;
  • Application testing and quality control services for HTML platforms;
  • Development of all-purpose applications in CSS3.

Our HTML5 Development Services Bring the Following Benefits:

Through our experienced and knowledgeable experts we offer excellent quality services in HTML5 development, which will bring you the following benefits:

  • Global positioning and GEO-location facilities;
  • Better templates and forms on which to create the most functional solutions;
  • Improved access;
  • Embedded audio and video capabilities.

Our CSS3 Development Services Bring These Benefits:

The CSS3 development services at GlobalSoft offers such benefits as:

  • Reduced file sizes;
  • Better control of page layout and structure;
  • A range of background choices for individual elements;
  • Style sheets stored externally;
  • Images provided with choice of multi-side borders;

Reasons to Choose GlobalSoft for HTML5 & CSS3 Development

We are renowned as a reputable, leading service provider in the field of application, web and HTML5 mobile web development. Our business ethos is based on the principle of delivering the most suitable and beneficial solutions to our clients. We put as much effort as possible into using the css3 and HTML5 development tools in the most optimum way to create highly-functional solutions that work with the majority of platforms and devices. When required, our team will also integrate CSS3 and HTML5 into you existing website to rejuvenate it with a new look and feel.

So, why not get in touch with us today and take advantages of all the benefits of our excellent and affordable HTML5 & CSS3 Development services.