Productivity, cost reduction, and most efficient use of asset and resources are combined to make a business both competitive and profitable. Today, these things are accomplished through the use of the first-rate industrial design software, usually customized for both the industry niche and for the unique needs of individual organizations within that industry.

The industrial software development provided by GlobalSoft is comprehensive, in that we have departments and specialists who develop industrial software for specific enterprises, to include the following:

Our clients span the globe and come from every organizational type. From the small ecommerce entrepreneur, to the major utility corporation, every industrial software project receives the same attention and quality approach. Software and applications are customized for each client, based upon thorough consultation and a detailed project proposal. Our clients’ field tests each software component as it is developed, so that, in the end, they have a complete industrial software package that is exactly as they have envisioned.

Among our many design areas are the following:

  • Productivity solutions for any organization
  • Industrial engineering software for professionals involved in mechanical, electrical, environmental, etc. fields
  • Process tracking and quality control
  • Integration of processes, materials and equipment
  • Workflow management
  • Inventory control, Supply chains
  • Industrial hygiene software solutions that also provide for compliance management
  • Industrial hygiene software, including event management and reporting
  • Customer relations
  • Shopping cart solutions
  • HR functions
  • Applications for remote and mobile device access
  • Academic education curriculum delivery and business training

Contacting GlobalSoft will result in a free initial consultation and project proposal. We are happy to share our portfolio of case studies with potential clients and to discuss both general and unique needs.