J2ME Development

GlobalSoft is a company with vast experiences in J2ME development. The company was able to make up a creative team of talented application developers, who are willing to advance themselves in the field of J2ME development. All application developers at GlobalSoft are self-motivated, which means that the quality of the development services provided by the company is always beyond the existing standards. For the company, J2ME application development has become one of the main services and the greatest sources of benefits for numerous clients. The company uses its achievements in J2ME development to create and run diverse business and entertainment applications, including quality applications cell phones and enterprise databases.

Needless to say, the range of J2ME mobile application development at GlobalSoft constantly expands. The presence of vast practical experiences and deep J2ME development expertise makes these services even more valuable. The company and its developers have spent at least 8 years in J2ME mobile application development, and it is due to these experiences that the applications developed by GlobalSoft professionals exceed clients’ expectations.

Below is the basic list of J2ME development services provided by the company:

  • Custom application development;
  • Migration and porting;
  • Testing and quality assurance in J2ME game development;
  • Software maintenance and support.

GlobalSoft is the company that possesses numerous J2ME development tools to make the delivery of its J2ME Development services quick and productive. The team of the company developers has sufficient experiences working in this field of IT development and services. Apart from possessing profound knowledge of J2ME applications, the company also has its J2ME game development tutorial, which will certainly help its new and existing customers to realize the fullest potential of J2ME development. We work with numerous technologies and use different frameworks and platforms to move the current state of J2ME development to a new level of quality. If you have any questions regarding our services or the quality provided, please, feel free to consult our J2ME application development tutorial.

We have completed numerous projects, and this is one of the reasons why we consider ourselves to be professional and experienced in J2ME Development. We work with various versions of J2ME, as well as WTK, Eclipse, NetBeans, Blackberry SDK, GPRS, GPS, etc.

We have experience in numerous applications development, and below we list just some of the many examples of the applications and projects we have developed for our clients:

  • Entertainment games for J2ME devices;
  • EMI calculator for blackberry;
  • GPS-based iDen devices;
  • Vehicle training for mobile devices.

We understand that many businesses in all industries rely on J2ME development, and we offer our services to all business in all industries and business sectors. Feel free to use the benefits of our J2ME development services, if you operate in the entertainment industry, electronic games industry, transportation and logistics, real estate and mobile entertainment, courier distribution, and others. Enjoy the benefits of professionalism and feel free to contact our company to discuss the details of our J2ME development cooperation!