Perl Development Services

An Introduction to Perl Development

We offer an extensive range of services based on the Perl development environment including website development and customized application, amongst many others. In addition to Perl, we also offer development services across a wide range of other commercial open source platforms. We make optimum use of the latest technologies, best industry practices and quality standards enabling our expert development team to deliver outstanding Perl development services. You can find out more about our services and capabilities by either contacting us or referring to the Perl web development tutorial guide on our website. We apply the very highest levels of dedication to all our development activities with a particular focus on Perl web development. Our team of developers are true professionals and clients can hire them for projects related to Perl development ide at rates that are cost-effective.

The Background to Perl Development

As a high-end, multi-purpose scripting language, Perl is commonly used for producing dynamic applications. Initially, Perl was created as a Unix programming tool to speed up text processing. However, in the course of its 22 year life, it has undergone significant transformations and changes and it is now widely used by developers everywhere. It is a language that is rich in features with excellent capability.

Since the start of the world wide web, developers have been writing Perl-based CGI scripts partly because the Perl web development tools are amongst the most prominent and dynamic available. Some well-known Perl-scripted applications include Bugzilla, cPanel, Movable Type, RT, Slash and TWiki, while some renowned Perl-based websites include Amazon, BBC, Craiglist, IMDb, LiveJournal, Ticketmaster and Slashdot.

For web development, CGI::Application is consistently structured while CPAN offers a range of plug-ins, which provides Perl developers with easy access to numerous useful tools.

Our Expertise and Capabilities in Perl Development

We use our knowledge of Perl for web development to provide services to an array of industry sectors including BPO, Corporate, Casino and Gaming, Finance, Manufacturing, Property and Real Estate, Travel and Tourism and many others. Using a blend of Perl methods like Agile, Iterative and Waterfall with communication methods like email, Instant Messenger and VOIP, we can easily provide seamless services to a global clientele. Our team are fully conversant with international coding standards, Perl programming tools and the latest project management methods such as BugTracker.Net, Dolibarr CRM/ERP, Feng Office, GanttProject, Launchpad, OpenProj, PHPGroupWare, Project-Open and Redmine. They are also conversant with source control and versioning methods including Git, Mercurial, SourceSafe, Subversion and Visual Studio. Furthermore, our substantial experience in Perl web development has made us competent in API integration with such third parties as Authorize.Net Payment Gateway, Barclays ePDQ Payment Gateway, Google Maps, Microsoft Azure, Orkut, Picasa, Travelocity, Yahoo Store, Youtube and plenty others.

Our experts are divided into teams of architects, designers and developers, all with extensive knowledge of Perl and other commercial products such as CPAN, CGI::Application, Embperl, Interchange, Jifty, Maypole, Perl Object Environment (POE), Rose::DB, Template Toolkit and others. As well as Perl GUI development, our services include the customization, integration, deployment and installation of a range of commercial third-party products such as Blosxom, Bricolage, MojoMojo, Movable Type, Scoop, Slash, TWiki and WebGui amongst others.

The Scope of our Perl Development Services

Our Perl Development services are available to cater for an array of client requirements. Depending on individual needs, our competent team can provide all types of cost-effective solutions ranging from small, simple applications to large, complex ones. We make optimum use of the cost benefits of open source technology to quickly deliver rich solutions as cost-effectively as possible.

Our services include the design and development of such web solutions as advertising, promotion and banner management utilities, audio-visual facilities, back-end administration consoles, content management systems, credit card payment systems, document and file management systems, e-newsletters, feedback facilities, integrated search facilities, membership and restricted access areas, product catalogs, shopping carts, visitor tracking systems, web conferencing facilities and whiteboards. And we develop software solutions for such activities as Accountancy, Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Document Management Systems (DMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems, Payroll systems, Point of Sales (POS) Systems and Project Management Systems (PMS).

We are also specialists in providing e-commerce platforms in the form of websites, all manner of enterprise portals, networking facilities and numerous other enterprise solutions based on the highest standards and the latest technological trends.