PHP Application Development – An Overview

The server programming language, PHP, is particularly useful for producing highly-interactive websites with blogging and community forum areas, membership subscription areas, image galleries, surveys, polling facilities and so on where connectivity is made easy between the website and the server it communicates with. An appealing aspect of web application development with PHP is that it is a platform that is rich in features and, compared to other commercial development platforms, is very cost-effective. It is compatible with multiple browsers making it accessible to a wide user base.

Reasons to Choose PHP Application Development

When embarking on a website development project, many users may well wonder if there are any benefits in choosing PHP application development over the many other tools in the marketplace. For convenience sake, we might just say that web application development PHP is a good choice because PHP has a library that is rich in features so, therefore, it is the best development tool there is.

But, rather than give the short answer, we offer the following list of reasons why PHP web application development really is superior:

  • The cost of PHP application development in India is quite low where clients are only liable for development fees because the software is free-of-charge;
  • No extra costs in the form of royalties;
  • Compatibility with a range of database and browser types;
  • Works smoothly with HTML, which makes integration with websites easy;
  • Excellent security and safety levels;
  • C# and Java available without much financial outlay;
  • PHP-enabled sites load quickly and seamlessly;
  • High levels of customization possible with PHP web and PHP desktop application development.

Reasons to Choose GlobalSoft for PHP Application Development

Once more it would be convenient to say clients should choose our PHP application development services simply because they are excellent.

While we are indeed excellent, there are actually some solid reasons for choosing our PHP application development company:

  • Highly-skilled developers with over five years relevant PHP experience;
  • We welcome challenging projects;
  • The solutions we provide are scalable, so they can be modified as necessary;
  • Reduced costs but superior quality PHP development;
  • Try us out to experience our expertise;
  • Helpful technical support available 24x7;

Our Experience and Expertise in PHP Application Development

There are no tasks too difficult for us within the PHP application development framework. The following is a list of our capabilities in onshore and offshore PHP application development:

  • Excellent CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems;
  • Shopping carts and other store utilities that are easily navigated and managed;
  • Secure management of subscription and membership areas;
  • Users, customers, employees and other relevant parties kept up-to-date through regular e-newsletters;
  • Easy-to-use product lists and catalogs;
  • Secure payment methods and safe transaction processing;
  • Electronic mailing and distribution systems;
  • Convenient order processing and tracking system;
  • Automated shipping information and tax calculation systems;
  • Informative discussion forums and messaging boards;
  • Areas with restricted user/membership access;
  • Interactive and informative blogs integrated into website;
  • Organized file and document management system;
  • Online chat facilities to connect users anywhere, anytime;
  • Intuitive back-end management tools;
  • Integrated and comprehensive search mechanisms;
  • Customer suggestions and feedback system;
  • Banner, promotion and advertising management;
  • Calendar and event organizer;
  • Interactive survey and polling methods;
  • Efficient project planning and management system;
  • Review and rating forms to assess performance;
  • RSS and news feeds;
  • Statistical reports based on site visitors and shopping patterns;
  • Quick and efficient website CMS (Content Management System).