PHP MySQL Development Services

When you need good web development technology that simultaneously combines high-performance and cost-effectiveness, you should certainly consider PHP and MySQL development because it is likely to provide everything you need. In terms of programming, PHP is widely favored and indeed it features highly as a main contender for developing dynamic websites because of the range of choices it offers. As open source technology, PHP and MySQL web development offers such advantages as being free-of-charge and it enjoys the loyal support of a very large user base.

At GlobalSoft, we offer customized services based on web development with PHP and MySQL through a highly-skilled and experienced PHP MySQL development team. We have the expertise to deliver customized web solutions ranging from small, simple solutions to large, complex sites, depending on client requirements. By applying our PHP & MySQL web development expertise, we are able to create the most suitable solutions to meet your needs, irrespective of whether you need a customized website, a web portal or an e-commerce platform to improve your online enterprise.

The PHP MySQL Development Expertise at GlobalSoft:

  • Experience in PHP MySQL web development: The combined experience of our team amounts to over 25 years;
  • Experience in providing expert solutions: Our experience in providing effective client solutions is considerable and ranges from the delivery of small sites to complex, integrated enterprise platforms;
  • Quality Process Control: Our team abide by tried-and-tested development methods and strictly apply recommended quality-approved standards to our working practices;
  • Sophisticated architecture and scalable solutions: Our PHP MySQL application development and architecture is designed for scalability so we can build customized solutions of all sizes and complexity levels.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Our team build all SEO-friendly attributes into websites so that they attract the highest possible search rankings.
  • Application and server load balancing: We design databases and structure code in such a way that the load on applications and servers is balanced and, therefore, no aspect of our client systems become over-burdened;
  • Compressed data: We build data compression into our PHP and MySQL web development code to ensure it runs and responds more quickly.
  • Intuitive navigational tools: We create our websites with intuitive navigational tools so that users can easily find what they need;
  • System safety and security: We give high priority to security so we account for this in our coding practices;
  • Optimized database solutions: We appreciate that overly-large databases can be problematic so, for smoother access, we use such optimization techniques as indexing and efficient storage methods.

The PHP MySQL Development Services from GlobalSoft

  • Customized web design and development of website applications;
  • Development of e-commerce applications and websites;
  • CMS (Content Management Systems);
  • Inventory and stock management systems;
  • Shopping cart solutions based on web development PHP MySQL;
  • Portals;
  • Utility solutions;
  • Integration of payment systems;
  • Development of AJAX-enabled applications.

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