Professional outsourced software development services

At GlobalSoft, we help businesses keep their IT development costs down whilst protecting intellectual property rights, enhancing system architecture, improving development timeframes and retaining knowledge by providing them with highly-skilled experts. We are a market-leading outsourcing business based in Ukraine and, since our foundation; we have specialized in providing software development resources to our partners. The products we deliver are top-quality, robust and affordable.

The software and web development delivery models offered by GlobalSoft are designed to help other IT companies, such as software houses and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), keep their costs to a minimum while they retain control of the development process. Our staffing solutions are highly scalable so it is easy to add or remove resources in line with enterprise requirements.

We have devised a very effective IT offshore service model of working with other software development companies, providing them with a virtual offshore base staffed by highly-skilled technical expertise when they need it. We work with software development businesses to provide top-quality solutions by combining technical competence, state-of-art infrastructure and an extensive knowledge bank. Clients get the best there is – the advantages of IT outsourcing with full control without any risk.

What our outsourced software development services cover

Solutions conceptualization: We help generate innovative product concepts, check viability and create prototypes.

Software development: We transform your ideas into reality and provide more rounded solutions, increasing your customer numbers and profitability.

Localization: We ensure our products can meet the local needs of international markets, so that programs reflect the correct time, date, currency and many other factors.

Product testing and QA (Quality Assurance): We can independently test products for performance and reliability to ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction.

System support and maintenance: We offer ongoing maintenance and support for new, older and developing systems.

System migration and porting services: We help migrate systems or applications across different platforms and operating systems to ensure they can reach as wide a clientele as possible.

Add-ons and extensions: We can extend system functionality and integrate different systems across multiple platforms, mobile, cloud and web technologies.

Upgrades and enhancements: We can prolong the life of an application or system and keep it current.

Other services and product support: Our professional offshore IT services are available for a wide range of integration, deployment and implementation projects. We also offer system support including implementation and customization as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support on a 24x7 basis.

Why choose GlobalSoft for outsourced software development?

For some time past, clients have been relying on GlobalSoft to ensure projects don’t overrun because we are noted for delivering punctually in accordance with agreed budgets.

We simulate client infrastructure and complement it with our unrivalled expertise to ensure fast and cost-effective delivery. Clients benefit from our experience on previous projects but we never breach confidentiality.

Openness and transparency: Our outsourcing IT services are entirely open and transparent as should be the case in all provider-client relationships.

Our people: We employ only the most talented people. We serve our clients by providing an operational environment that is dedicated, energetic, empowering and stimulating. Our commitment towards our team makes sure they excel in all they do.

Human Resource services: Clients can take advantage of GlobalSoft’s human resourcing service to meet their staffing requirements. We maintain a stable team, so clients can use our outsourcing facility to save on the costs of employing and keeping world-class expertise. Our people benefit from ongoing training so their knowledge is always current.

IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) protection: At GlobalSoft, we respect client confidentiality and keep all information secure. We protect intellectual property rights at all levels.

Focus on quality: We are currently certified to CMMi Level 3 with Level 5 certification in the pipeline. High quality is an integral part of our service culture.

State-of-art infrastructure: At our offshore development center, we have the best infrastructure in terms of software, hardware, secure network with firewall, communications equipment and regular technology upgrades.

Fast development methods: In partnering GlobalSoft, clients can expect to get their products to market much more quickly than their competitors.

Excellent communication facilities: We provide clients with dedicated lines for email transaction, teleconferencing and videoconferencing

Essentially, we do everything in our power to make our offshore development center a streamlined extension of your own organization.