Professional web development outsourcing services

Our web design website development capability

At GlobalSoft, we keep up with ever-changing market trends to provide you with a single service point where browsers can visit and buy your products. We provide you with perfect solutions that combine your enterprise goals and vision. We rely on robust infrastructure to develop high-end systems and dynamic web solutions that provide more than just a good first impression. We strictly follow recommended quality procedures to develop the innovative products that have made us a reputable contender in the field of website design and development.

We work hard to provide our clients with robust websites to attract customers and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Where an individual or business merely wants to provide basic information on the Internet about their products or themselves, static websites are an ideal starter option. We design and optimize websites that are easy to use, compatible with multiple browsers and where information and graphics can easily be downloaded.

Building strategy into website design

We help clients devise strategic plans that show how a website can be used to attract customers, improve conversion rates; improve subscription rates and much more. We additionally incorporate your specific objectives to ensure your website is an effective means of building and expanding your online venture. Additionally, we can tidy up any existing HTLM code you have, convert it to CSS and DIV format to ensure cross-browser compatibility and faster loading.

The following are some of the web development outsourcing services we offer:

  • Design and development of websites
  • Development of customized e-commerce applications
  • Design of product catalogs and brochures
  • Customized development of shopping cart applications
  • Development of customized applications
  • Development of CMS (Content Management Systems)
  • Development of XML-based solutions
  • Integration of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies
  • Support and maintenance of websites

We offer a range of professional web development outsourcing services based on honesty and integrity. Hence, our policy on privacy covers:

  • Thorough abidance by client’s privacy and confidentiality rights
  • Zero tolerance to selling client contact or project details to other parties
  • Zero spamming
  • Reasonable protection against data loss, misuse or theft.

We can provide a signed NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to legally protect your IP (Intellectual Property) rights and enterprise-sensitive data.

We provide clients with free, no-obligation project estimates and quotations to design website solutions. Our quotes are based on a thorough analysis of your project. We are flexible and will negotiate any specific items to ensure the final solution is successful and meets all your needs.

Our software and web development services include customization

Product customization is a specialist aspect of our software and web design services, with particular emphasis on the use of Drupal and Joomla.

Each web designer we employ is proficient in the use of: ASP, C#, Java, J2ME, J2EE, JSP, .Net and PHP, with more detail provided as follows:

Our PHP expertise

  • We can provide website design of any complexity level based on Drupal and Joomla, including shopping, entertainment and social networking sites as well as websites for personal and corporate use.
  • We use the popular content management systems (CMS) Drupal and Joomla quite a lot in our web development activities.
  • We can integrate and support websites provided by third parties.
  • We can develop applications with multi-platform compatibility.

Our Java expertise:

  • Development of web-enabled applications.
  • Development of mobile solutions, including applications for such platforms as Google Android, RIM Blackberry and J2ME, as well as non-J2ME platforms.
  • Development of complex J2EE applications and SOAP web services
  • Analysis of system performance and resource usage.
  • Integration of third party services, including payment systems such as Global Collect and PayPal.
  • We make optimum use of Groovy/Grails, JMS, JPA and Spring IoC container.

Our .NET expertise

  • Development of applications for desktop, web and mobile users.
  • Development of C# applications.
  • We make optimum use of DotNetNuke content management system and other Microsoft tools such as ASP.Net Model-View-Controller, Web Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • We use ADO.Net, ASP.Net, Linq and Windows Communication Foundation.
  • We can develop and support Silverlight-based solutions.