Selecting the best offshore development company

Our offshore IT services include software development, website design, system support and application outsourcing.

How we handle the project lifecycle

At GlobalSoft, we use modern methods during all stages of the software development and project management lifecycle.

We understand that each client’s time is valuable so, to ensure an efficient, collaborative and simplified approach, we use the following process:

  • Product design. The client puts forward their concepts and requirements.
  • We review those requirements.
  • We produce a product specification.
  • We estimate the scope of work and cost before providing a project plan.
  • We develop the product.
  • We test the product.
  • And, finally, we implement the solution.
  • By applying sound quality control measures at each project stage, we can ensure a high-quality, low-cost result.

  • Product release and post-implementation support.
  • Once we deliver the end product according to client requirements, we can provide ongoing support if required.

Clients enjoy high levels of interaction with our offshore development company

Through the use of specialist technologies and tools, we allow clients to constantly monitor their project’s progress and take part in the process, no matter where they are located in the world.

The following are some of the interaction tools we use:

  • Atlassian Confluence for project collaboration and documentation purposes.
  • Atlassian JIRA for managing projects and tracing bugs.
  • Subversion (SVN).
  • Skype and email for communicating.

The guarantees and security policies provided by our offshore development company

The solutions delivered by GlobalSoft are secure and bug-free.

We offer full IPR (intellectual property rights) protection.

Our network is secure and protected against unauthorized access breaches. We use a multi-layer protection system to safeguard against any software, hardware or human transgression.

Each product we deliver is accompanied by a warranty for a specified period.

Our methods are designed to enhance client confidence.

Our extensive experience enables us to provide a full spectrum of IT outsourcing services.

These days, there are numerous IT providers in our industry, each with their own unique market foothold and benefits. However, a client should choose their service provider or website designer carefully and base their decision on the factors that are most important to them.

Before you make a decision, we would like to tell you about the benefits we offer:

  • Our extensive experience allows us offer a vast array of IT offshore services.
  • Since our company was founded thirteen years ago, GlobalSoft has enjoyed rapid growth and has been able to expand its services in many directions. Our considerable IT experience and expertise enables us to offer a broad spectrum of high-quality services, ranging from consultancy to software development and providing hardware specifications. Our capabilities include analyzing requirements, product development, web design, testing and ongoing support. Essentially, we make offshore outsourcing more productive and cost-effective.

  • You are in safe hands with our offshore development company
  • Each highly-talented programmer and web designer who works for us can devise any type of solution, no matter how complex its requirements or purpose. We offer unique solutions to both standard and complex requirements. No matter the project type, we can handle it with our personalized approach and our proficiency in the most up-to-date development technologies and methodologies.

  • High-quality and punctual delivery are guaranteed
  • Every solution provided by us is the result of our experience and successful reputation. We understand that it takes time to earn client trust, so we never rely on standard practices to process orders. We treat each requirement individually, we learn from it and we constantly strive for professional improvement. We hold ourselves accountable for results and make sure our products comply in every way with client specifications, always guaranteeing high-quality products that function effectively.

  • Our development methods are cost-effective
  • A great benefit of offshore outsourcing is cost-effectiveness. We operate from an advantageous and economically-viable location, we use our own carefully-chosen resources, and we use efficient, well-structured development methods. We pay our experts well and provide our clients with a superb range of IT services that are an excellent blend of world-class quality and fair pricing.

Why not avail of our professional services today by choosing GlobalSoft as your offshore IT development partner?