Education Services

Do you know that every second IT project fails to fulfill the promise of quick investment returns, simply because of the lack of quality education consultants? IT Education Services have become part of everyday realities in many IT firms and service providers, and with GlobalSoft you have another chance to success in your project decisions. Use our leading innovative special education services to zero the risks of project failures. With GlobalSoft, you have a unique opportunity to provide advanced training resources to each and every member of your IT project team.

What do we do? It is easy. Our professional Education Services rely on a distinguished model of project team certification and training. We work to ensure that your IT team accepts, adopts, and uses the latest IT project and BSM solutions. Our education consultants work hard to raise your team members’ awareness of the project, its nature, goals, and expected benefits for everyone. We are here to make sure your IT members understand their roles and functions. We are here to reduce the risks of business losses and failures at all stages of project implementation.

Our education consulting services can benefit your IT business. We offer a unique Solution Adoption plan to facilitate the implementation and use of the newest technologies. Our Solution Adoption plan comprises four different stages. We begin with raising awareness and ensuring alignment; then comes the process of enabling the project team, followed by end-user enablement that eventually concludes with project validation. Our Education Services are complex and sophisticated, but their results are easy and comprehensive. From creating a communication plan to measuring the effects after the implementation phase, our special education programs and services serve as a guiding light in the world of IT complexity.

If you are looking for quality Education Services, feel free to use the benefits of our Solution Adoption plan. We also provide GlobalSoft certification to confirm that your specialists have sufficient knowledge and skills to manage the latest IT systems. Our consulting services for education are designed in a way that allows you to get certification at two different levels – the level of Certified Professional and the level of Certified Expert.

No matter what level of certification you choose, the benefits of GlobalSoft certification are numerous:

  • You develop a perfect understanding of products from GlobalSoft;
  • You develop skills and knowledge to assist your IT employer in the most complicated projects;
  • You guarantee that the skills and knowledge you currently possess are the most relevant to the field;
  • You become one of the most valued experts in the IT industry.