Offshore Software Development Company

Among other offshore software development companies, GlobalSoft has a distinct vision of technical realities which easily turns into profits. GlobalSoft is a distinguished Offshore Software Development Company, which has developed a well-structured process to improve your technical efficiency and make your business life simpler and more profitable. Like no other offshore software company, GlobalSoft follows structure and flexibility in its mid-sized contracts.

Below you can find detailed information highlighting the most essential stages of our project implementation process.

  • Our offshore software company starts with a quote request. Here, your main task is to provide our Offshore Software Development Company with at least a rough description of the desired project. We will then devise a more detailed specification of what should be done to make your dream a reality. You can feel free to send your draft request in any form that is convenient to you.
  • The second stage of our outsourcing software development process is usually devoted to understanding the nature, scope and complexity of everything to be done in order to make your project dreams come true. The specific actions at this stage of our cooperation with the client depend on the specifications that were initially provided. If the description is too general, we draft more specific requirements and create a project plan. The following documents are provided by our Offshore Software Development Company:
    - A brief questionnaire to understand better the nature of your project;
    - RFQ response;
    - A draft project plan.
  • The third stage is usually signing a contract, or a statement of work. Unlike many IT outsourcing companies, we can send you the signed SOW by any means that is convenient to you, be IT fax, email, or regular mail.
  • Creating detailed requirements and specifications – this is the fourth stage of our work. Professionals in our Offshore Software Development Company use the SOW as the basis for delineating even the most inessential specifications and creating a workflow model. Again, specialists responsible for the quality of our software development services use questionnaires as the basic means of communication.
  • At the fifth stage of our work, our offshore services professionals develop a detailed project plan, which is finally agreed with the client. Here, we define the most pertinent workflow principles and tasks, and all activities carried out in relation to this project are based on this plan.
  • The last stages of the process include: design definition, implementation, monitoring and quality assurance, release, maintenance, and changes (if needed). Our offshore software company will deliver outstanding software development services of any type, depending on your requirements and needs. All you need to do is to provide a draft outline of what you expect to get from us and see how it goes! We are here to make sure that your software development dreams and priorities come true!