Silverlight Development Services

GlobalSoft holds both Silverlight and Gold partner status in the Microsoft network. The Silverlight development technology is fashionable and is commonly used to create RIA’s (rich internet applications) that work across multiple platforms and with multiple browser types. GlobalSoft has an expert talent pool, all of whom have extensive experience in delivering Silverlight solutions with rich user interfaces, innovative graphics and attractive animation and which will easily integrate with most database architecture. Indeed, our team are knowledgeable in all aspect of Microsoft’s .Net and Silverlight development tools.

The Silverlight Development Services Offered by GlobalSoft:

Our competent team have successfully created numerous applications with rich functionality and attractive user interfaces. The following are just some of our Silverlight application development services:

  • Full management of every project lifecycle using the Silverlight development tool set.
  • Expertise in Silverlight web development to produce effective business applications with easy database and other system integration.
  • Expertise in integrating current .Net systems with new applications for enhanced functionality.
  • Expertise in integrating JavaScript into applications created in Silverlight.
  • Expertise in developing high-performance web applications with excellent user interfaces and incorporating animation as well as audio and video capability.
  • Expertise in integrating web-based applications with Sharepoint Server.

The Benefits of Choosing GlobalSoft for Silvelight Development

  • Unrivalled experience of delivering complex solutions based on .Net and Silverlight technology.
  • Extensive knowledge of WPF and WCF development frameworks.
  • Expert use of CMMI methodology for managing projects.
  • We hold Silverlight Partner status in the Microsoft network.

Why Choose Silverlight Development Technology

The Silverlight 4 development platform is popular amongst developers for creating both mobile and desktop applications because of its compatibility with the distinguished Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. It is additionally compatible with web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Initially, Silverlight was considered a poor competitor as an Internet development environment with such contenders as Ajax, Flex, Flash and Java FX dominating this field. However, with the popularity of Internet Explorer and Microsoft’s monopoly in operating systems, Silverlight gained popularity amongst a large number of Microsoft programmers and developers.

The Benefits Associated with Silverlight Development:

  • Applications created in Silverlight are suitable for use across a range of platforms and web browsers.
  • The Silverlight development runtime over many mobile technologies.
  • Capacity to develop feature-rich user interfaces.
  • Its support of WCF, WPF LINQ and WPF frameworks and design templates.
  • It is search engine friendly.
  • It is easy to adapt for most .net development activities.
  • High-powered IDE such as visual studio.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of Silverlight is the superiority it offers over and above other RIA platforms such as flex or flash in the friendly way it presents content for search engine optimization. While other RIA’s conceal content from crawlers, Silverlight allows content to be read.

We offer consultancy services in Silverlight that are designed to fully meet our clients’ requirements by designing rich user interfaces that are entirely robust and fully scalable.

The Silverlight consultancy team at GlobalSoft begin the process by undertaking a comprehensive needs analysis, a feasibility study and project scoping. Once the project requirements are established, prototypes are developed and, subject to client acceptance, deployment takes place. We appreciate the importance of quality so we apply stringent quality control measures throughout the development process. Some of our previous Silverlight 4 development runtime projects are described in our extensive portfolio. You can find out more about our Silverlight development services by sending us your enquiry by email and we will respond within two business days.