Smarty Development Services

Our PHP-based Smarty development services are designed to provide you with website solutions that offer superb functionality, the highest possible performance, reliability, scalability and the utmost security.

Supporters of the Smarty platform are increasing with a growing number of businesses turning to this open source technology to have the best websites created. Essentially, PHP Smarty development provides you with a versatile and dynamic website. At GlobalSoft, our core business activity is delivering ready-made Smarty solutions.

Since our company was founded, we have been working with PHP and on Smarty web development. All the Smarty developers on our team have had extensive exposure to all types of PHP open source frameworks, of which Smarty is just one. In essence, Smarty is a template-style framework for building web solutions. It is compatible with a wide range of OS (operating system) types and offers excellent security. The team at GlobalSoft can help clients build highly customized solutions through system configuration techniques, caching, plug-ins, add-ons and much more.

Why Choose Smarty Development?

  • Because it is an open source technology, Smarty is available free-of-charge;
  • It is very easy to install and use;
  • Websites can be deployed in short timeframes because the powerful Smarty development method is a speedy one;
  • Its flexibility is conducive for customized development;
  • It offers an excellent caching mechanism;
  • It is easy for PHP Smarty developers to add extra website functionality using jQuery or Ajax;
  • It is compatible with a wide array of operating systems;
  • Development can be undertaken safely and securely with Smarty;
  • Smarty websites require little maintenance and, therefore, little maintenance expenditure.

Our Smarty Development Services cover:

  • Configuration, Deployment and Implementation
  • Our professional team will help you with every aspect of this excellent technology, all the way through from design to implementation. The developers at GlobalSoft undertake Smarty configuration in a way that is most suitable for your particular requirements. The security features in Smarty ensure that those with malicious intention are prevented from damaging your application. With the help of jQuery or Ajax, additional front-end functionality can easily be added because, with Smarty, maintenance is simple.

  • Creating Websites with Smarty
  • We develop websites that are unique and visually appealing to attract more visitor traffic. Our developers also build in search engine optimization to improve your site’s ranking. We further ensure that your site offers a consistent appearance across different platforms and browser types. Indeed, our Smarty development in India are the best services available.

  • Smarty Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • The Smarty platform assists developers with such activities as HTML code generation, for example, with tables, pop-up windows, drop-down menus and so on, with text formatting for email and with showing other template content. We really do create the best website solutions and when you hire development help from us, you will get all the benefits at the most affordable costs.

  • Design of Smarty Templates
  • The use of templates is a means of giving your website a unique appearance. We are specialists in customizing templates so that they accurately reflect your online business brand. Our innovative designers excel at creating amazing designs with your business needs in mind through the use of cleverly-placed graphics and tasteful color schemes. In addition to our customization services, we can seamlessly integrate your Smarty solutions, all at the most reasonable prices. We can also edit any existing Smarty templates you might have should you want to give them fresh appeal.

  • Maintenance and Support for Smarty
  • If you need technical support to maintain your Smarty solutions in good working order, then we can help with various levels of maintenance and system upgrades. With our assistance, your website will run smoothly without breaking down. Our maintenance service covers the adding or removal of pages, upgrading of templates, security checking, changing content and much more.

  • We are Innovative
  • We are lucky to have an excellent team of developers who always deliver the most appropriate solutions in a timely fashion. Our technical knowledge includes full application customization and the development of LAMP and WAMP web solutions using Ajax, JavaScript, MySQL and PHPas well as web 2.0 development.

We have extensive experience in providing Smarty solutions. Innovation and creativity are the hallmark of our Smarty Development services.