Supporting Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) with Technology

As concern has continued to grow over environmental matters and towards sustainability in particular, many organizations are adopting corporate responsibility and sustainability (CRS) policies as part of their operational plans. Although, for businesses to thrive, they must always seek ways of generating revenue, many are very committed to reducing any negative impact their business activities might have on the environment. And, to successfully do this, many rely on technology to help them fulfil their business social responsibility.

Our expert team can help companies with corporate social responsibility to meet their commitments. Our experts fully understand the definition of sustainability and they know how to apply it. They are able to devise business strategies and technical solutions to help businesses deploy and integrate tailored CRS systems to meet the sustainability and corporate social responsibility targets they have set themselves. To achieve this, we undertake a business analysis and risk assessment to understand potential environmental impact. This enables us to set up an action plan and timeframe to feasibly accommodate a corporate social responsibility and sustainability program and align it with current and future legislative requirements. But, it is by understanding an organization’s operational policies that we can implement realistic solutions within achievable timeframes. Our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability solutions are designed with monitoring and reporting facilities so that we can continually assess whether targets for corporate sustainability responsibility are being met.

Our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability solutions are interactive and intuitive to use.

GlobalSoft’s Green solution is an interactive one. It is a detailed overview of our technologies and how they work to help clients meet their sustainability goals.

GlobalSoft’s Green Cube solution is also interactive. It is a multi-dimensional overview of the environmental services we offer, and it shows how we have achieved an outstanding record in designing green initiatives to support environmental awareness.

GlobalSoft’s Green Office is a practical as well as interactive guide, which shows business leaders how to deploy technology to support sustainable business policies and how to monitor the progress of their green initiatives.