Risk Management & Compliance Practices

GlobalSoft was founded five years ago and, since then, we have lent our assistance to over 100 enterprises around the world with their compliance & risk management requirements. The center from which our global compliance and risk management services are delivered is one of excellence. We rely on the knowledge, skills and experience of over 500 professionals who have outstanding expertise in devising unique and cost-effective solutions of both a business and technical nature. Our reliable compliance risk management services have been proven to accelerate the time it takes to get products onto the market at reduced production and operational costs.

Our Risk Management & Compliance Services Are Available To Enterprises Everywhere In The World

As the world attempts to recover from a harsh credit crisis and a most severe recession, business executives are carefully examining their risk management and compliance processes. So, in this climate, it is especially necessary to ensure that all business processes and operation methods are as efficient and failsafe as possible. Ultimately, it may be the effectiveness of an organization to assess its compliance vs risk management policies and address any shortfalls that decides whether it stays afloat or not. As a result of this marketscope for IT governance risk and compliance management, GlobalSoft was founded to help organizations handle this important business function.

Our Risk Management & Compliance Services assist you by:

  • Identifying your business’s governance risk and compliance requirements and assessing what your appetite for transformation is.
  • Evaluating and rating your current risk and compliance processes using our own specially-designed risk management methodology.
  • Aligning your existing risk management processes into industry-regulated, best practice frameworks in accordance with Basel II and Solvency II recommendations.
  • Integrating all your Risk Management & Compliance policies, such as capital management, reporting, governance, dashboard, data warehousing and pricing practices.

Since we were established, GlobalSoft has helped hundred of enterprises improve the way they manage risk in all sorts of practical ways, of which our consultancy services and our compliance and risk management courses are prime examples.