Take advantage of our virtual offshore development center

To support our mission of providing first-class IT services to our global clientele, GlobalSoft has taken ownership of our own ODC (offshore development center). The services we offer from this state-of-the-art center demonstrate our technical capability and capacity for providing stable, world-class IT solutions, and it is one of the reasons why you should partner GlobalSoft for your software development needs.

Our exceptional offshore IT services support model allows clients to outsource all or part of their IT function so that they needn’t worry about investing in staff recruitment, infrastructure, IT call center facilities, or product support and maintenance. We offer you a virtual center from where you can staff your operations 24x7, while you concentrate on key business activities.

We have over ten years proven experience, over 170 experts working for us, a great call center in our facility, and we have successfully delivered over 1000 professionally-managed projects to clients in over 15 countries. It is the aim of GlobalSoft to form long-lasting client partnerships to help them develop customized software products by providing professional developers and programmers through our ODC.

Each software programmer in our team can develop high-level products that ensure clients a quicker turn-around time, reduced risk, added-value and higher return on investment (ROI). At GlobalSoft, we have already helped many clients structure their businesses more efficiently by developing and deploying exceptional products supported by effective project management and accompanied by concise user documentation.

State-of-the-art infrastructure at our virtual offshore development center

  • Spacious workstations with high-speed computers on secure network;
  • IBM servers with Windows and Linux operating systems;
  • Reliable Internet access with a call center and a library for research, development and learning purposes;

We use proven project management methods at our offshore development center

  • We hold ISO 9001 Quality Management certification;
  • We strictly follow recommended practices through all stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) in terms of need analysis, prototyping, programming, quality assurance and product testing;
  • We undertake all tasks according to the project management plan in terms of assigning tasks, monitoring progress and adhering to milestones;
  • We carefully document source code and provide high-quality technical documentation and user guides;
  • We allocate a dedicated team for QA and testing purposes;
  • We provide clients with regular progress and up-date reports and use clear procedures for escalating problems;

We use effective communication methods at our ODC to ensure seamless project delivery

  • We provide teleconferencing and VoIP facilities;
  • We offer 24x7 high-speed Internet, email and Skype access;
  • We use robust security and risk management processes;
  • We offer full IPR (intellectual property rights) protection;
  • We provide secure user login access for storing and retrieving source code files;
  • Our systems have firewalls and anti-virus protection; they are access-controlled and protected by failsafe back-up routines;
  • We provide power back-up in the form of generators and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems.

Our human resourcing practices

  • Shift working patterns so that developers can operate in your time zone and business hours;
  • Ongoing training and development programs with regular staff appraisals;
  • Regular review procedures to support ongoing improvement.

How our IT offshore development center can help you

  • Overall savings of between 40 – 50% on project costs;
  • Reduced recruitment, staff training and equipment costs;
  • 24x7 work patterns to accommodate your time zone and business hours;
  • Constant access to highly-qualified and skilled personnel;
  • Scale your resources up or down as required.

Service models

Clients can choose any of these software development outsourcing methods:

  • We recommend our value-added offshore development center delivery model;
  • Fixed time, fixed price model;
  • Time and materials model;
  • Joint venture/ strategic partnership model.

We have built an enviable reputation, which reflects our value-added services, process-driven approach, reliability and scalability. Our dedicated team are our inspiration; our managers are visionary and our clients consistently support us.

We develop solutions with a focus on the long-term and our extensive expertise in different industries, marketplaces and technologies distinguishes us from our competitors.

Establish your own offshore team to extend your in-house capability, outsource your development requirements, take advantage of our experience, and enjoy all the cost benefits. We are the IT offshore partner you can trust!