Bryan Green, The KARMA Network
In the past two days, Karmafied was chosen by almost 150 new clients from the media and other industries, of which Yahoo Media was one. We would like to thank you for your efforts because, without your expertise, the success of our site would not have been possible.
Jonathan Bryer, Triton Solutions
Please, accept our thanks for migrating our CRM system. Your handling of the project in terms of planning and execution was superb. The turnaround and switch-over was smooth and fast with excellent communication. It couldn’t have been better, so thanks again.
David Kennedy, Intellicom Inc
I am really grateful for your help. Of the countless outsourcing services I have had experience of, none have deliveried such high-quality as your company. I hope you keep it up.
Selvin Kapper, ADC Telecommunications
The most impressive aspect of GlobalSoft is their ability to listen to clients and act upon their requirements and contribute even more innovative ideas. They respond quickly and both their developers and project managers are first-rate.
Paul Keller, Alcoa Inc
I chose GlobalSoft to integrate video streaming in my site and they were very responsive. Their enthusiasm was evident whilst their consultative advice resulted in a great outcome for us.
Camille Kanga, Baker Hughes
The level of professionalism in their development, sales and project management services was simply superb. It was akin to having my own extended IT operation.
George Herrero,
This valuable offshore service is a great partnering arrangement and it is as seamless as any in-house operation.
Shane Hawkins, Washburn Guitars
The iPhone messaging and task management application we received was very rich in features and easy to use.
Raman Patel, Calpine Corporation
We found GlobalSoft easy to collaborate with. They respond really quickly and build productive client relationships, which leads to the best solutions. They certainly have our recommendation.
Joe Fox, BirdingAdventures
I thoroughly enjoyed working with GlobalSoft. They were thorough in every respect. They are excellent communicators, they resolve issues quickly, their service is top quality and they are affordable. All this makes them an excellent service provider.
Martin Woodfall, Puppy Cake
I chose Business Plan Pro in order to kickstart my business in the right direction by devising a three-year plan to attract investors. The resulting solution was a powerful and user-friendly application. For creating business plans, I definitely recommend this company.
Clive Williams, Darden Restaurants, Inc.
Your assistance has ensured the success of my iPad development project. I am grateful for your co-operative professionalism, your technical competence and your fast response. Your service is excellent and I will certainly be contacting you for my next project.
Gordon Cooper, Ecolab, Inc.
Your team are superb. I outsourced my development project to GlobalSoft. They analyzed my requirements and delivered my mobile application in less than a fortnight. It works really brilliantly and I certainly can’t complain. An excellent job and I look forward to collaborating with their team again soon.
Bina Rai, ContiFrance UK
We appreciate the efforts GlobalSoft put into creating an excellent website in a short timescale and with little notice. You respond speedily to change requests and meet agreed deadlines. I would be delighted to recommend you and engage you again for future projects.
Monika Ansell, Publishing Co
Many thanks to GlobalSoft for all their excellent assistance with our recent project. They successfully delivered a superb project in a short timeframe. They provided quick response at every stage. More essentially, our clients are delighted with the new application. Thanks again!
Kevin Wallford, Fairchild Semiconductor International, Inc.
When it came to understanding our project requirements, GlobalSoft excelled and they designed a solution that exactly met our objectives. They were a pleasure to collaborate with and incorporated every detail to produce a beautiful and very functional site. They have my highest recommendations. My thanks again.
Jennifer Brown, RecallRecall™
With the help of GlobalSoft, we managed to bring our original concepts to successful fruition. Our requirement was for an e-commerce shopping solution to accommodate a huge consumer base, so it was a challenging application to design. Their extensive experience in mobile application development ensured they were able to successfully design an excellent data center application. They fulfilled our every requirement with great precision. We will be calling on them again and they have our strongest recommendation. Thank you!
Robert Clarkson, Covetish
The team at GlobalSoft accepted our challenge to build a complex website. The resulting site was very impressive and was delivered punctually. Throughout the project, they responded brilliantly to urgent change requests by devising and implementing well-considered solutions quickly. We requested GlobalSoft to make a lot of changes, but they excelled at keeping our project on track despite the modifications. We intend to continue partnering GlobalSoft because they are efficient and reliable.
Minnie Newlands, NewConnectionDating
We would like to thank you for the professional way you handled our recent project. Your contribution was invaluable and the result was wonderful. You accommodated change with great flexibility at every stage. You will definitely be getting our recommendation and we would like your help again in the future.
Melinda Briers, Web Strategies Leisure Publishing Co., Inc
Recently, we engaged GlobalSoft to take on a complex development project that our previous service provider had made a mess of. Their dedication and responsiveness was entirely professional and they were on-call throughout my working day. We totally recommend GlobalSoft to any other organization seeking to outsource their development projects to a reliable and trustworthy service provider.
Lily Cheung, Woodman Aviation
The quality of GlobalSoft’s work is its own recommendation. The website they provided us with is elegantly and professionally designed and is the envy of our competitors. Thanks very much!
David Mills, COOApollo Metro Solutions
I collaborated closely with the GlobalSoft team when we embarked on the rebranding project for our company. We wanted our website up and running in a short timeframe. The GlobalSoft team quickly gained an understanding of our business objectives and what we need in a website. They continually worked with me over a three-week period to ensure our website was quickly functional. I was hugely impressed with the outcome. The GlobalSoft team excelled themselves and showed us how truly professional they are. I highly commend GlobalSoft for any business looking for an exceptional website design service.
Michael Cook, Travel Solutions Company
For almost fifteen years, our software development company of choice has been GlobalSoft because they offer a great balance of business acumen and technical expertise. They can quickly grasp requirements and deliver effective solutions. Their service is the most professional and of the very highest quality. We fully intend to continue our partnership with them well into the future.
Suzie Geller, Apricot Media
My application was quickly built by GlobalSoft in full accordance with my instructions. Moreover, it is very pleasing to look at and works brilliantly.
Simon Grimes, Golden Down
I have engaged the services of this solutions provider several times. They have shown they can cater for every type of website design, even those that need to incorporate complex programming and intricate database design and architecture. They have always delivered high-quality products punctually and cost-effectively. Their versatility is to be highly recommended.
Ross Branson, RedAntenna
The service and skills quality offered by GlobalSoft has helped us through a period of exciting upgrade and change. GlobalSoft have mainly assisted us by providing development expertise and we will continue to use them when we have a need for highly-skilled software engineers and application developers.
Greg Barnes, Quadra Systems
An excellent job, which was very well executed. We will certainly be contacting them in the future when new projects arise.
This service provider takes time to understand project requirements and they are excellent communicators. Our project was a difficult one, so we had to collaborate closely to find the best solution. Working with this service provider was an enjoyable experience. The application they delivered is fast and it functions really well.
Melissa Kenny, Ani Inc
The project delivery is always punctual and the quality of the work is always really top notch. They are always readily available to help when I need them and they take a flexible approach to my requests for project changes and modifications. Excellent results and pleasant to work with.
Sam Poland, Tweak Town Pty Ltd
Over the past six to seven months, GlobalSoft have been helping us with our website project and, so far, we are delighted with the outcome. This is our first experience of using external offshore resources for our website development and we are delighted to say that the quality of work is very high indeed. We have no hesitation in recommending the services of GlobalSoft.
Maria Cantona, The Voyage Inc.
Our software development project was a success and it was completed within an astonishingly fast timescale. The GlobalSoft development team were extremely courteous and helpful, well beyond the call of duty. They offered their time and advice generously and deployed a world-class application very cost-effectively. Fully recommended.
Christine Nimmo, Designer Loop
The services provided by GlobalSoft are undoubtedly very helpful and thoroughly professional. They have my highest recommendation for any other business seeking a high-quality and cost-effective service provider. The results we achieved were just exceptional!
Maeve Bohrani, Supplier Bid
For some years past, GlobalSoft have been helping with my website, While other service providers have previously been involved, GlobalSoft are unbeatable for their professional approach, technical expertise and innovative designs. We will certainly continue to work with them on future projects.
Nick Sarfaty, RealEstateCide
Excellent service from a superb team. Every aspect of this company’s service is excellent, which is the reason I continue to use them. Their help has been of enormous benefit to me in the past. They provide outstanding customer service and their technical know-how is unrivalled. I will continue to engage them for the future. Thank you!
Denis Golding, Ztech
I am entirely happy with the services of GlobalSoft. They have successfully created the applications I envisaged. I expect I will be working with them well into the future.
Paul Davis, Webb Active Media
GlobalSoft excel at delivering top quality services punctually and within budget. They are a service provider who are refreshingly effective, trustworthy and reliable.
Bart Johnson, Locatal
The knowledge, skills and experience of GlobalSoft are outstanding. They are flexible, cooperative and highly recommended.
Kenny Hall, Express Your Tees
Working with GlobalSoft was a most enjoyable experience, which I hope to repeat again soon. You are the best!
Graham Norris, TaxCompliant
We are a tax consultancy business with a special focus on providing services to sales and marketing operations. GlobalSoft have helped us develop e-commerce modules and solutions based on Magento. We continue to be delighted with the services of GlobalSoft because they take time to understand our application needs and deliver cost-effective solutions around them. Their solutions are easy to maintain and deliver high-performance. They deliver on their promises!
James Dance, DMIC
The services provided by GlobalSoft have totally impressed us. They brought a positive approach and efficient performance to our project. They quickly analyzed our requirements and recommended the best way forward for getting our project completed on time, on budget and satisfactorily. Thoroughly recommended.
Brad Harper, AZom Network
Quite simply, a brilliant service! We are an Australian business and enjoyed the experience of working with this efficient and cost-effective company. Our project was delivered exactly as required, even with some useful and unexpected extras. Their payment methods, which include PayPal, are also flexible and convenient.
Jorgen Nissen, Sweden Songbox
Over the past two years, we have worked with GlobalSoft and are happy with the results. Their developers are service-orientated, cooperative and approachable, in addition to being very talented technically. We repeatedly renew our contract on a three-month basis, which is most convenient.
Mitch Ball, CTS Wholesale LLC
We find GlobalSoft an excellent company to do business with. We have been employing them regularly for some time now and they always do a wonderful job. The programmer assigned to us is efficient and always completes work on time. We have been looking for good developers for some time and, now that we have found GlobalSoft, we expect to work with them for some time to come
Colin Baines, RomotiveMedia
We find GlobalSoft to be reliable, knowledgeable and efficient. They are particularly good at providing customized solutions according to our specifications. They are very helpful with a great customer support service.
Ruby Sanders, Rislyn Studio
Exceptional work quality. They exceeded my expectation by accurately interpreting my complex specification. Very friendly with effective communication, which we are very grateful for.
Steve Samain, KPB Enterprises
The team at GlobalSoft are able to use technology creatively to deliver solutions that help us expand our business into new and diverse areas. This helps us increase our revenue beyond that generated by our core activities. Their offshore development methods, quality assurance processes and 24x7 customer support has helped us reduce our overhead and production costs.
Hugo Dillon, VS Lending Hub
We have found GlobalSoft very impressive. They responded well and worked diligently to ensure our website turned out precisely as we wanted. Will definitely be working with them again.
Vincent Chevall, Ying Chan Assistant Director Madison Software Inc
Business success is based on understanding customer needs and GlobalSoft do this excellently by delivering totally appropriate strategies and solutions. Their BPO experts are enthusiastic and results-orientated. They applied their OSG-13 in Enterprise Resource Planning to our project and we enjoyed exceptional efficiency and high reliability.
Francesca Baggio, CTS Capital Group
In partnering GlobalSoft, we experienced a highly flexible and efficient service that resulted in a cost-effective solution that fully met our business requirements. They provided us with a Customer Management solution that has significantly improved the time it takes to get our products and services to market. Through GlobalSoft we have come to understand the importance of high quality and reliable outsourcing services.
Kate Brand, Wynn Trading Ltd.
Trust is established with time and excellence is a trait that is developed with experience. For the past two years, we have been working with GlobalSoft and this has enabled us to save almost 50% of our development costs. Currently, we outsource around 80% of our customer-related services. They have certainly gained our confidence and trust.
Zack Fellowes, SKK Communications
The defining characteristics of GlobalSoft are strong customer service, scalable solutions and a flexible approach. These qualities help us meet our strategic IT objectives. They are committed to delivering excellent results and they collaborate closely with us to ensure our applications are suitable, which is the key to success. We acknowledge that GlobalSoft brings extensive industry experience in terms of communication services, which allows us to realize a rapid return on our IT investment.
Harry Kersting, Oridus Inc
The experience of working with the developer this company assigned to us was a pleasant one. He undertook the work with great dedication and on time. We certainly considered him an asset. His work quality is undoubtedly to be recommended.
Shaun Holmes, Xpress Systems
For several years now, GlobalSoft have been helping with our projects. They always go the extra mile to ensure our technical and business objectives are being met punctually and on budget. In our experience, these qualities are hard to find in a service provider. We fully intend to continue using them well into the future and highly recommend them to others
Jeremy Groates, Social Housing Services Corporation
SHSC engaged the services of GlobalSoft for the planning, designing and development of a website with an in-build discussion forum for customer use. We received the highest quality of efficient and helpful service punctually. Additionally, the end-product has exceeded our expectations in terms of quality and high-performance. They get our full recommendation for similar projects.
Jay Visavadia, Microchip-M
Working with GlobalSoft when they were developing our corporate site was a pleasurable experience. They provided a team who were highly responsive and very customer-orientated. The project was delivered punctually at an affordable cost. This service is highly recommended.
Martyn Glover, SearchEngineCloaker
In every respect, GlobalSoft surpassed our most discerning expectations. Their customer support services and their technical skills are of the highest caliber. They are professional, dedicated and they strive to ensure customer satisfaction.
Bobby Fletcher, Waynekahn
We are a Canadian Real Estate business and I engaged GlobalSoft to revamp my corporate website when it became outdated and unappealing. The end-product is available for inspection at I was delighted with the outcome and was impressed with the way GlobalSoft cooperated closely with me throughout to ensure I was satisfied. They handled my change requests with great patience. I recommend you contact GlobalSoft today if you have a similar requirement.
Roberto Semain, KnowledgeMarketingGroup
The solution providers Netultimate and GlobalSoft really went out of their way to complete my project. There was a vast quantity of work, which they handled professionally and they responded quickly when modifications were needed. I found the team at GlobalSoft to be amongst the most helpful and friendly I have ever worked with. Their most notable qualities are integrity, helpfulness and excellent value.
Graham Whiting, Gordlemon
I always find that dealing with GlobalSoft is a pleasant experience. They show patience during the development process and are always willing to undertake any amount of modification until I am satisfied. I totally recommend their services to other businesses seeking to enhance their online presence.
Rajesh Patel, HawaiiKaipsychiatry
GlobalSoft have given me a lot of help with my online marketing activities and website design. I really love their work and recommend them highly to other businesses with similar requirements.
Graham Whittle, Executive Mentors
I was totally happy with the timely service GlobalSoft provided, especially their reasonable rates. They will be getting my fullest recommendations.
Brian Marsh, OPAL MArketing Group
GlobalSoft listened to my ideas and implemented them quickly. Their customer support is excellent. They are polite and courteous. I wish them well.
Peter Lamb, YourDebtSolutions
We have been working with GlobalSoft for almost two years now. Their response is professional and their prices are competitive. Excellent all-around service. Definitely recommended.
Dr. Rajesh Dejwi, WakeFamilyMedicine
We run a physician business, which you can find out about through our website This was created by GlobalSoft which, as you can see, is excellent. The service they provided was fast and punctual. So, if you are looking for an outstanding web development service, call GlobalSoft.
Francois Heve, ToolacAdemy
With the help of GlobalSoft, we got our online hardware and tooling store up, running and hosted. We are really pleased with their efforts, in part because customer interest has increased from all over North America and Canada. Previously, when we were running an offline store, this wasn’t possible. Well done. Hope you continue with the superb work.
Sabina Mullins, Mississaugaquiltersguild
GlobalSoft did a brilliant job in designing our website and getting it operational. The site has an innovative feel and appearance, it is easy to use and our customers compliment us on it. The team at GlobalSoft have been exceptionally responsive and patient. We are grateful for all your help, so thank you!
Sadie Taylor, GreenFusePhotos
We appreciated your patience and cooperation in creating our website in Wordpress. It has really given my photography enterprise the kick start it needed.
Zandra Bradshaw, IHN Real Estate
I can’t thank you enough for the great job your team did on my website project. As we near the end of the project, I wanted to say thank you for all your gracious help through every aspect. You took a real interest in our success. I know I couldn’t have had a better choice of partner.
Dr Ivan Sanjany, mittromney
We have been working with GlobalSoft for some time now on some large and complex projects. They have worked hard and dedicatedly to deliver wonderful results that have surpassed our keenest expectations. They do everything possible to get it spot on. I really appreciate their efforts and they have my strongest recommendation.
Ellie Bird, JetBlue Airways Corporation
Your team are really great. I do hope you continue to provide such excellent customer service and rapid response. I thoroughly enjoy working with you.
Julian Lam, Huffington Post
The role of GlobalSoft in developing has been crucial. They quickly formed our central team to design stunning features that provide the highest possible performance levels. They cooperate extremely well on a business and technical level. They deliver top-quality work with a responsible approach.
Paul Grace, Skype
With the help of GlobalSoft, we managed to create a set of high quality Toolbars. We required help quickly and they responded instantly by providing a qualified team of developers and testers. In the two years we have been partnering GlobalSoft, I have learned to trust in their quality in all aspects of every project we assign to them. Furthermore, their services are affordable, which is always a plus.
Josh Hyland, President & Co-Founder
The quality of the products and services provided by GlobalSoft are always consistently high. They are always flexible when our deadlines are tight, ensuring we always complete on schedule. We hope to continue with this productive relationship for some time to come.
Sharon Bank, Fin.IT
GlobalSoft have our highest recommendations for courtesy, efficiency and professionalism. We are delighted with the project they completed for us.
Barry Robins, Matriculation School
Their motto is high quality service and customer satisfaction, which they do very well.
Jake Damon, The Lakshmi Mills Company Limited
Our time-based project was completed within three days and the result is superb.
Maurice Ansell, Ekove Pvt Ltd
We are really pleased with the project result and the way it was delivered. The approach of ANGLER was truly professional.
Rajish Esmail, Rangaraj Silvers
The team at ANGLER have helped us expand our business horizons with an excellent quality product.
Neville Parkes, Newlease Software Pvt Ltd
The team are a great bunch of professionals, who are especially adept at providing innovative designs as is evident from my new website.
Joseph Stack, Sony Online Entertainment
GlobalSoft have helped me out with quite a number of projects and I have always found them to be efficient, reliable, affordable and accommodating towards any requests I put to them. I intend to continue with this partnership for some time to come and, for anyone who wants web design work, they have my recommendation.
David Wells, LBBK
I was reluctant to start looking for software developers but I had no choice when I wanted to expand my online business. GlobalSoft were recommended to me and when I spoke to them about my project requirements, I found they understood my needs quickly and thoroughly. They completed the job exactly as I envisaged it in a short timeframe and on budget. I have already requested their help again and I recommend them most highly to others. Well done, GlobalSoft and thank you!
Eric Saunders, WebMagnetics Inc.
I was surprised at how seamless the migration was. Clearly, you are professionals who deserve to be recommended. I hope to work with you again soon.
Steven Becker, Maniacalworld
True professionals with outstanding ability. I wanted work completed fast and they delivered. I am still working with them and will be continuing to do so whenever I need to.
Andrew Chantrelle, No Bull Financial, LLC.
I offer my sincere appreciation to the team at GlobalSoft! They completed my first project successfully and eased my workload with their professionalism. I hope to engage them time and time again!
Saffy Simonds, NR InfoTech
Your team are great at responding to requests quickly and helpfully. Many thanks.
Simon Jameson, Advanced Surveillance
The team at GlobalSoft are really wonderful. They put great effort into looking after clients. They really do go beyond the call of duty. I will be working with them at every available opportunity.
Kris Weller, AutoFx
Excellent quality work and great communication channels. They meet objectives and ensure that work is properly completed. This team goes the extra mile when needed and they know how to stick to client specifications. The service is really cost-effective and adds a lot of value.
Mickail Penoir, FocusPro
The work GlobalSoft did on our website was superb. It was completed professionally and punctually. I will be asking for their help again when further enhancements are required.
Suzie Kane, Medication Dispenser Entellisys
The team at GlobalSoft are highly competent and good at responding. They work hard and put themselves at the ready to review and resolve any problems. Their approach to work is highly professional and collaborating with them is an enjoyable experience. We will certainly be working with them in the future. Thank you!
Hilary Geller, Triage Log
This company has my highest recommendation. I was delighted with the project results and with its timely completion.
Thomas Wynne, US Works COO
Working closely with GlobalSoft has been enjoyable! Their work quality is outstanding as is their customer service. We have not had such a good experience before. We hope to achieve amazing things in the future with GlobalSoft. So can you!
Ray Saville, Hitched
For almost five years, we have been collaborating with GlobalSoft. We have enjoyed their support for numerous projects and they work seamlessly with our offshore development team.
Trevor Hill, SML Limited
We have been working with GlobalSoft in India for almost six years and we can say their service is very impressive. They offer effective communication and their technical skills are exceptional. I confidently recommend GlobalSoft to any other business looking for an effective IT solution.
Harvey Sallis, Hydroponicswholesale
I would like to express my gratitude to GlobalSoft as a result of the superb effort they put into our project to get it delivered on schedule. It is difficult to find reliable and dedicated service providers, especially ones who can deliver so accurately and precisely. You are welcome to inspect my site to see the results they provided.
William Norman, UniversityLoveConnection
My gratitude to GlobalSoft for delivering the best possible iPhone application and for integrating it so smoothly.
Sofia D’Bras, Blind Care Foundation
Superb effort! Your creative efforts have meant the layout of our website and logo has turned out much better than envisaged. And you finished the work so quickly, we were amazed!