Web Development Services

As a professional web design and development company, we offer a diverse range of services centred around the development of websites (for both Intranet and Internet use), web content management systems and e-commerce solutions, amongst many others.

Web Development Services:

Our expert web design and web development teams are able to produce diverse applications for specific purposes. Indeed, they are able to create amazing solutions that can be uploaded and accessed very quickly. Most of our platforms possess high-levels of interactivity with rapid data retrieval capability. We offer web development and design services for the following activities:

  • Promotional and advertising management applications;
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems;
  • Affiliate management modules based on Cloud;
  • E-learning solutions;
  • Event organisation and management tools;
  • Social media and networking sites;
  • E-Commerce web design & development;
  • Ticket reservation and booking systems;
  • Shopping carts;
  • Portals for property and real estate businesses;
  • SaaS application development;
  • MLM application development;
  • Development of systems for managing stock and inventories;
  • Development of CMS (Content Management Systems);
  • Development of job and recruitment portals.

Our Capabilities in Web Development:

We are specialists in the web design development field where our interactive solutions are based on the latest and most sophisticated technologies. We offer fully customized solutions to suit specific industry needs. Our team combine creativity and innovation into the highest-performance solutions for:

  • E-commerce activities: We develop feature-rich e-commerce stores of both a standard and customized nature;
  • Content Management Systems (CMS): Our CMS solutions are also developed to standard or customized requirements with such features as A-Z search facilities incorporated;
  • Integration of Multiple Listing Services (MLS): Our web development design team specialize in integrating amazing MLS facilities into web solutions, which are especially useful for real estate type businesses;
  • Integration of web services: Our services include an array of robust, innovative and highly-customized web services, which are easy to integrate.

Web Development – Our Design Capabilities:

We pride our company on offering customized website design services, with a special emphasis on unique design concepts. We can tailor your web interface to suit your business type to attract potential customers. Our design services include:

  • Design of e-commerce sites: We provide e-commerce sites with plenty of administrative and analytical tools to help you understand user and shopping patterns;
  • Theme and template design: Our web development and design teams make optimum use of the latest technology and industry trends to provide you with tailored theme and template designs for improved usability;
  • Corporate ID and logo design: Our team can easily design eye-catching logos to ensure you have a distinct corporate identity to help your brand stand out;
  • Brochure and graphic design: We have exceedingly good graphic design capabilities so we can create excellent brochures and other promotional material for your business;
  • Customized web designs: We are more than willing to tailor our designs to suit your individual needs;
  • Flash-based design: Our creative designers can accommodate all types of flash design by incorporating flash design and animation into websites, business applications, gaming applications and many other application types;
  • Re-design and enhancement of existing websites: We can give existing or outdated websites fresh appeal by re-designing and enhancing them.

Web Development for Online Advertising and Marketing Activities:

We have a team of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and online marketing experts who can assist you in successfully meeting your e-commerce objectives. Our web design web development professionals can analyze your current practices and offer optimum solutions. Our aim is to provide you with value-added services that ensure your online business is a highly visible one. The following tells you more about web development and our online marketing services:

  • SEO services: We will take all necessary steps based on the latest search engine techniques and technical advances to ensure your site attracts the highest search rankings;
  • PPC services: We apply intelligent and cost-effective PPC (Pat Per Click) strategies that allow users to search on strategic keywords to ensure high search engine rankings to achieve the desired results.
  • Marketing through social media and networking channels: We can implement clever social media and networking campaigns to boost your brand and increase leads and, therefore, sales;
  • Promoting your brand: We are skilled at providing promotional and branding solutions to help businesses avoid negative or unwanted publicity;
  • Building links: We offer themed link building strategies for improved search rankings and higher brand exposure;
  • Developing SEO-friendly web content: We have expert web content authors who can create SEO-friendly content to create higher visibility and higher rankings.