Web Portal Development

In every-day terminology, a web portal could be described as a multi-paged website with lots of resources and a myriad of features such as forums, discussion groups, messaging boards, rating options, blogs, picture and video galleries, polling facilities and so on to allow users easily find the information they need under a single portal. At the outset, search engines were commonly called portals but with technology advances, an increasing number of businesses are looking at web portal development in a bid to offer their customers more options and to meet their own business goals. Essentially, web portal development tools are used to create browser-enabled applications that unify business functions in an inter-departmental and cross-departmental manner so that users can access structured and unstructured data.

Learn More about the Web Portal Development Services at GlobalSoft

The web portal development company, GlobalSoft, has been offering web portal development services for over ten years and we have successfully completed a diverse range of interactive projects based on the most up-to-date technology in that time. The business of web portal software development can be a complex one because it requires an array of disparate applications to be integrated into a single unified website where all the features must function independently and correctly. However, it does not present us with any great difficulty because we combine careful project management methods and proven delivery processes with our extensive knowledge of emerging technologies to create high-performance portals that are rich in features for each and every client. Our primary aim is to deliver high-end portal web development for many different types of personal and business users.

Web Portal Development - Why it is Essential to have a Portal

When an increasing number of organization’s seek out the services of good web portal development companies, there has to be valid reasons for it.

Here we list why it is essential for organization’s to have a minimum of one effective portal:

  • A good portal enables a business to save in the areas of administration, communication, training and travel while gaining a speedier ROI;
  • Business can be managed more efficiently in the areas of productivity, customer relationship management and general collaboration, which facilitates increased profitability;
  • Portals offer an excellent means of moving away from traditional business methods;
  • Employees and customers benefit from having a single point of access to all enterprise systems and processes;
  • Simple, reliable and logically-structured platform from which to manage data;
  • Facilities complex operational processes in an easy manner;
  • Many portals are scalable and can be modified as time and requirements change.

The Web Portal Development At GlobalSoft is Simply Excellent

GlobalSoft has well-established capabilities in web portal development, having successfully furnished numerous industries with successful solutions. Our aim is to help businesses extend their enterprises and achieve their objectives with secure, scalable and versatile web portals.

Our services cover:

  • Providing customized applications for existing portals;
  • Using web portal development software to combine up-to-date technology with high levels of interactivity;
  • Integration of commercial or third-party systems such as shopping carts, payment gateways and so on;
  • Business to Business (B2B) solutions to support e-commerce activities;
  • Business to Customer (B2C) solutions to reach targeted audience.

Our solutions offer a single service point with a range of interactive features, such as discussion forums, messaging boards, polling facilities, etc, so that users can access a myriad of helpful resources. Our solutions are fully customized to suit specific needs and to take your business to exciting new heights.