What are the best IT outsourcing companies?

At GlobalSoft, we offer top-quality IT services; including hardware and software support, to a local and global clientele to enable them take their enterprise functions to higher levels. We are headquartered in the US and have an offshore development facility in India. Our IT support and it services are certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards and we help clients in all industries, including government bodies and privately-run organizations.

Why choose GlobalSoft over other IT outsourcing companies?

Our technical and domain capability:

We understand that IT systems should be built with scalability and flexibility so that they can support businesses in the long-term. Hence, at GlobalSoft, we provide you with products that help you thrive and survive in competitive marketplaces. Our team makes optimum use of the latest technologies and the best industry practices to produce innovative solutions that help your enterprise manage risk, meet client expectation, improve operational processes, keep costs down, enhance productivity and increase profitability.

Our project approach is a collaborative one

As our name suggests, the skilled experts at GlobalSoft work together with clients to gain a better understanding of their business processes and precise requirements. This enables us to devise customized solutions that truly match client expectations.

Dedicated developers

The team of experts at GlobalSoft are young, bright, creative and enthusiastic. They provide innovative ideas out-of-the-box to produce world-class technology solutions of the highest quality, supported by helpful and professional customer service representatives.

Our services include helping clients overcome a variety of challenges and the delivery of customized solutions that exactly meet the unique requirements of your enterprise. Whatever you need, our enthusiastic experts can do it and more.

Your best choice of IT outsourcing partner

We represent the best choice of outsourcing partner because, unlike other IT companies, GlobalSoft can provide you with all the advantages that pertain to the entire outsourced software development lifecycle.

Numerous organizations around the world would confirm you have made a great choice in picking GlobalSoft as your IT service provider. With our help, you can expect top-quality services, innovative hi-tech solutions and considerable cost savings. We do not provide the run-of-the-mill services you might expect from average IT outsourcing companies. No, we provide unique solutions, the type that will bring decisive benefits to your enterprise.

What our outsourcing services entail

Clients can choose our consultancy and outsourcing assistance in the following areas:

  • Are you starting your own IT company?
  • If so, our turn key solutions can ensure your new and unique venture is profitable.

  • Do you want to set up an IT operation in your existing organization?
  • If so, you can outsource those IT functions that are too difficult or too costly to set up onshore.

  • Do you need to put together a dedicated team of experts?
  • We can assemble dedicated teams of specialists for specific tasks or projects.

  • Do you want to set up a technical call center?
  • We can help you support your customers as well as your servers, hardware, software and communications infrastructure.

  • Are you looking for the best IT outsourcing partner?
  • We can help you develop, support, maintain and host your systems and applications in line with your needs and expectations better than other providers.

  • Do you need help analyzing and deploying the best IT solutions for your enterprise?
  • Undoubtedly, IT helps your enterprise thrive and grow. We can help you identify the best solutions and make your visions a reality.

  • Do you want to optimize your existing IT processes?
  • It may be that your existing IT operation functions but is struggling. We can help you transform it and make it more effective.

Our IT company has unrivalled experience

Once you tell us about your specific ideas or requirements, we will undertake a feasibility study and the necessary research before recommending a workable solution. Our simple philosophy is to provide world-class quality at affordable prices.

With our extensive experience in providing IT help, we can simplify your processes and bring you outstanding solutions to make your business run like clockwork. At GlobalSoft, we use tried-and-tested methods, which we continually improve, and we believe them to the key to our success.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss any IT projects you are planning. We guarantee you superior results!