What benefits can offshore outsourcing companies offer?

No doubt, the practice of IT offshore outsourcing has many proven advantages and provides businesses with tangible growth opportunities, namely it helps them reduce costs and cope with urgent workload.

From both a practical and strategic point of view, when a client chooses to outsource technical projects, reputable IT services companies should provide watertight guarantees and assurances.

At GlobalSoft, we rigorously apply our tried-and-tested Quality Assurance processes to our offshore activities to enable us to properly fulfill our outsourcing it contract with each client. We act as more than a mere provider; we form strategic partnerships with our clients.

Who benefits from offshore IT outsourcing?

By outsourcing all or some of their IT functions to an offshore provider, the client entrusts their application development or infrastructure support to a foreign service provider so that they can take advantage of reduced operational costs and improved service quality.

Choose offshore outsourcing if you would like:

  • Reduced costs over proximity;
  • The benefits of having your offshore developers working for you out of your normal business hours or time zone;
  • Experts working overnight in Europe but being paid the daytime rate;
  • Your project delivered on time and within budget.

If these elements suit you, then you will benefit from web design web development outsourcing. To fit your requirements, GlobalSoft has a center in Ukraine from where we offer the most affordable outsourcing solutions.

The advantages we offer

Very low-cost services

In offering clients the lowest possible rates, GlobalSoft provides a wide range of IT services within the agreed budget. Unlike other offshore outsourcing companies, we offer you the option to choose the services that are most beneficial to you, such as full user testing or the possibility of having additional features included at no extra cost, and much more.

An English speaking development center

As is the case in all our development centers, we employ English-speaking experts at our Ukraine base. This ensures there are no communication difficulties or no misunderstanding of client requirements. As an essential part of our ongoing staff development and training program, we have an English instructor on hand to help our team.

A resident contact at local and offshore level

We base a project manager in the client’s country to ensure you have a constant local representative to liaise with on all contractual and project issues. This manager can be contacted for all operational matters by email, phone or live chat at any time during business hours.

Consistent service quality

We opened our Ukraine center shortly after receiving our ISO 9001 accreditation, so we set that office up in accordance with these certified processes. As a result, the procedures, methodologies and quality standards used at our Ukraine center are consistent with those we apply in our other development centers. All new team members are given an induction to our QMS (Quality Management System) and are offered further training to ensure that the same quality standards are applied no matter where a product is developed.

We provide the infrastructure for all your projects

The IT services provided by GlobalSoft stretch even as far afield as Vietnam. In line with our other office set-ups, our Ukraine center is connected to GlobalSoft’s network and offers identical services, which are:

  • IP telephony communication system, which allows clients to contact our team at local rates;
  • Video conferencing facilities for meeting and sharing screens;
  • In-house chat facility, which makes communicating more effective and efficient;
  • An array of management methods that facilitate project follow-up with clients to ensure continuity and transparency.

What we guarantee you

By being security-conscious and understanding how important your project information is, GlobalSoft surpasses other offshore outsourcing companies by providing full openness and confidentiality, and by offering guarantees that we:

  • Operate in accordance with European law;
  • Keep data securely. All client and project data is saved each day and held at different sites;
  • Use production methods and processes that are consistent with European standards;
  • Provide a local representative for overseeing project and contractual matters.