Why you should only choose a superior software outsourcing company

The core business activity of GlobalSoft is providing customized software development and IT outsourcing services. We are the key to your IT outsourcing requirements. We have all the necessary experience and technical capability to bring you unrivalled business success and put you ahead of your competitors.

Why choose GlobalSoft’s software outsourcing company?

Quicker turnaround times

In modern marketplaces, businesses must reduce the time it takes to get their products released. But, they shouldn’t cut quality for the sake of speed. Each expert website designer and developer at GlobalSoft is experienced at collaborating with different in-house teams in other parts of the world. We do everything possible to efficiently manage our resources to deliver high-quality solutions in short timeframes. We use proven methods in our software development activities and this ensures our clients receive exceptional results speedily.

The processes used by our software outsourcing company

The following are the main principles upon which we base our development methods and delivery processes, allowing us provide optimum efficiency at reduced costs:

  • Provide clients with added-value solutions in the shortest timeframes.
  • Use every method possible to make our development processes more efficient.
  • Offer flexible services that allow us to modify products at negligible cost.
  • Undertake risk assessments early on to reduce problems later.
  • Make optimum use of all the knowledge and experience at our disposal for demanding projects.

The outsourcing methods we use

We use a single, proven method at GlobalSoft for all outsourcing IT projects, which involves:

  • The use of flexible and re-usable planning and development processes that allow us adapt quickly to changing market trends.
  • We prioritize tasks according to business impact and we include clients in all product release processes so that they derive optimum value from the delivered product.
  • We carry out risk assessment early on and deal with higher-risk areas first, and we keep our risk list up-to-date, constantly looking out for potential problems.
  • We use an extensive knowledgebase for research purposes to enable us to learn from previous projects and recommend new processes and methods that might be advantageous.
  • Where feasible, we don’t make rush decisions. This helps us avoid having to make costly changes later. Our preference is for simple, versatile solutions where possible.
  • We facilitate constant communication between our clients and their developers so that knowledge can be transferred and problems resolved quickly.

The expertise we have at GlobalSoft

All our skilled experts and teams are guided by a similarly skilled project manager. All our developers and programmers are proactive and responsible, and they hold themselves accountable for each task allocated to them, whether it is designing, developing or product testing. The allocated manager monitors all work without over-interference. With our extensive experience, we are all now expert at ensuring that our remote personnel work effectively and complementary together in a spirit of collaboration and enhancement.

Our team relish a challenge. Our project managers strictly abide by deadlines and use them in a motivational way to solve project problems rather than viewing them as unachievable and stress-inducing obstacles. Indeed, each developer and web designer in our company is proud of their own ability to deliver superior quality solutions within agreed deadlines.

How effective communication leads to successful outsourcing of IT

We use the latest communication technology and methods to seamlessly link our clients’ onshore personnel with our offshore developers so that it would seem they were all one team operating from the same site. We believe there are no barriers to productivity and performance when people communicate effectively with one another.

It is our aim to integrate on and offshore personnel as closely as possible so that our experts work and feel as though they belonged to the client’s organization. We underline this principle with regular onsite project reviews and meetings.

We offer clients real-time reports so that they are always up-to-date on their project’s progress.

We are constantly looking for more innovative and cost-efficient ways to transfer knowledge and add-value to client projects.