Windows Phone 7 Development

GlobalSoft is an experienced provider of complex Windows Phone 7 development services. The company takes pride in having the most talented, committed, and creative team of Windows Phone 7 development specialists. The company has spent years in the field of Windows Phone 7 development, and there seems nothing the company developers could not do in terms of developing applications for Windows Phone 7. The rich professional and technological expertise of the professionals working at GlobalSoft adds to the quality and efficiency of the Windows Phone 7 development services provided by the company on a daily basis. There is nothing we could not face or overcome when it comes to creative Windows Phone 7 development applications.

We should say that Windows Phone 7 is a relatively new application, but its popularity is rising quickly above all other applications and operational systems. As a result, more phone users are looking for quality development for Windows Phone 7. With GlobalSoft, they can finally take a deep breath and relax, because the company developers assume the fullest responsibility for the professionalism and timely completion of all Windows Phone 7 development projects. Despite the fact that the Windows 7 system is by itself new to the public, our professionals have already learned enough to supply customers with the world-class quality Windows Phone 7 development services.

Our company is very thorough, when it comes to choosing the most appropriate developers. We constantly monitor the state of knowledge and skills of everyone working with Windows Phone 7 application development. Everything changes, and to be successful our developers must constantly monitor the emerging trends in the IT industry and adjust skills to meet the emerging standards of quality. This is why we are confident that we have Windows Phone 7 development tools to create outstanding Windows Phone 7 solutions. We use Silverlight, Visual Studio 2010, and Microsoft Expression Blend to develop our Windows Phone 7 applications. Our Windows Phone 7 development services rely on the growing array of technologies, frameworks, and platforms. In Windows Phone 7 application development we try to move ahead of time and competitors. When it comes to application development for Windows Phone 7, one of our major benefits is that we can envision what customers will want in the nearest future and adjust their smartphones to meet their future needs. Our talents, creativity, and commitment to quality exemplify the most essential Windows Phone 7 development tools, and these tools have historically brought significant benefits to our clients.

What we can do is:

  • Migrate the existing and new applications from the older Windows Mobile versions;
  • Develop games and business applications for Window Phone 7;
  • Move the existing iPhone, Android and Symbian applications to your Windows Phone 7 smartphone;
  • Deliver all Windows Phone 7 development services on time.

We work with numerous technologies, including Visual Studio 2003-2010, Windows mobile 5.0-6.5, Web services /XML/ SOAP, etc. If you ask what we can do beyond what we have said here, we will answer “everything”, because there is absolutely nothing we could not accomplish in the field of Windows Phone 7 development.