Front-End Development

Global-Soft is a software development business that takes pride in utilising cutting-edge technologies. On the front end, we use cutting-edge frameworks that have stood the test of time. Every day, we use these to create websites and web applications. Our UI/UX team collaborates with you to plan, wireframe, and prototype your application, and our front-end developers employ the most up-to-date HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create mobile-friendly, responsive sites and apps that operate well on both mobile and desktop platforms.


Our front-end developers use a comprehensive collection of tools to tackle your business problems, ranging from HTML5 to the most recent JavaScript frameworks


Every year, Global-Soft completes IT projects for Fortune 500 firms and other industry leaders in FinTech, eCommerce, Healthcare, and so on

Back-End Development

Our team of software engineers builds cloud-native applications on Microsoft.NET and integrates them with other technologies, APIs, and SDKs to provide comprehensive solutions. To help secure and optimise your data, we also provide SQL Server Consulting and Remote DBA services


Global-Soft hires highly qualified and certified Back-end software engineers that are capable of developing solutions of any complexity for data-intensive industries


Every year, we complete IT projects for Fortune 500 companies and other leading corporations in FinTech, eCommerce, Healthcare, and other industries

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Mobile App Development

We can create an iOS or Android app for sale in app stores, as well as a corporate mobile app for internal business processes. Using Xamarin, Sencha, or pure HTML5 for cross-platform development can expedite and reduce costs associated with releasing an app on two major platforms.


We use  the most recent development tools to fully utilise mobile device capabilities for additional convenience


To work on your projects, we have world-class in-house developers, project managers, business analysts, UI/UX designers, and other professionals

Cloud Native Development & Hosting

We are a Microsoft Cloud Platform partner and direct CSP with a focus on cloud development. Every web application we create is cloud-ready. We can work with your existing AWS instances or assist you in migrating to Microsoft Azure.

Our cloud application services, which are purpose-built to facilitate seamless cloud adoption, enable our customers to seamlessly transition existing architectures or launch entirely new ventures, changing businesses across the board with cloud technology.

Databases & Business Intelligence

Our SQL Server database administrators and developers have years of experience working with a wide range of Microsoft-based database solutions. We provide database consulting, development, ETL/migration, data warehousing, master data management, and remote DBA engagements (i.e. SQL Server Managed Services).

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