About us

About us

Who we are

As a premier software development company, we take your ideas and build on them in every way to assist you in establishing and growing your business. We believe that your dreams of expanding your own business should become more than just a pipe dream, and we can assist you in making these critical improvements using a variety of IT solutions. We have the resources and expertise to provide you with creative IT solutions for the success of your business.

What we do

We offer full-service online and mobile application development, custom systems, SaaS products, and IT solutions. We not only believe, but also know, that many aspects of the software development industry may be improved, from design to development and maintenance. We came together to form a full organisation, taking care of every step of your project, from design to development and testing to eventually releasing your product in the best possible condition.

Why we are

  • Dedicated group

Working with a single team simplifies communication and workflows

  • Communication Ease

Use a dedicated channel to connect with your development team

  • Workshops for Projects

We’ll walk you through the creation of your project

  • Estimate Your Project for Free

Before you begin construction, determine how much time and resources your project will require

  • Experts in Technology

Work with commercially experienced developers, designers, QA professionals, and project managers

It would take a book to describe everything we’ve accomplished since 2010. Let the numbers summarise it briefly

  • 12+ years in business
  • 50+ Skillful abilities
  • More than 80 satisfied customers

Our experience

Our organisation is trusted by large, medium, and small businesses from all over the world. Our more than ten years of expertise and successfully implemented solutions attest to the high quality of our mobile app development services. We are currently 100+ trained engineers with proactive ideas and a drive to provide you with dependable services in producing high-quality mobile applications.

Global-Soft develops innovative and cost-effective software solutions for entrepreneurs. Our collaboration approaches enable us to produce software at reasonable pricing that have been pre-negotiated and agreed with the client.

You will be given:

  • Certified engineer app development team
  • Android or iOS app that is professional and scalable
  • Custom software solution tailored to your company objectives
  • Budget-friendly mobile development
  • Discovery Stage for learning about end users, the market, and enhancing the idea

Our team

Global-Soft creates dedicated development teams for companies that need to produce a product quickly, scale quickly, or augment their team with highly experienced people. We give our partners access to our technological, business, and infrastructure resources, adapt our development processes to the requirements and methodology in place, and take full responsibility for the entire development process.

Our people

Global-Soft is an open-minded group of specialists who help one other and promote professional development.

We are well-known for our professional and welcoming workplace, which values trust, passion, and openness.

Our Fundamental Principles

Our core values serve as the guiding principles for how we connect with our employees and customers.

These values help to shape the culture and support the company’s vision. With these basic principles etched in stone as standard practises at Liventus, we try to bring out the best in one another and are continually searching for ways to develop as a company!

  • Innovation

Satisfy our clients by providing new technologies of the greatest quality and a superior service that drives values

  • Integrity

We behave with unwavering ethics and honesty in everything we do, both with our consumers and with one another

  • Creating values

Through technology and automation, we focus on client requests and enable them to function to their full capacity

  • Teamwork

We value one another’s ideas and work together to improve the development of our people, goods, and services

  • Expertise

Developing and maintaining the greatest talent for our organisation, as well as continuing to learn in order to provide the excellent service that our clients demand

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