Team extension

Team extension

Hire our full-time team of senior developers to launch, accelerate, and support your business applications. Mobile. Web. AI.

Deliver development tasks faster and in better quality, without compromising on your company’s values.

If your software development team is feeling overwhelmed, you’re behind schedule, or the quality of the coding is suffering as you struggle to meet the deadlines, there is a possibility that you are understaffed.

Hiring software developers may help:

  • enrich your discovery process at the beginning of a software project
  • introduce new talent and competencies to an existing project
  • speed up the pace of delivery to meet deadlines
  • unburden the existing team from their daily tasks
  • distribute workload evenly between teams working in parallel

Why demanding customers choose our specialists?

  • Structured kick-off

Allows the team members to deep dive into the project goals and requirements.

  • Adapting to existing routines

We respect the existing tools and processes in place, and committed team members focus on the work to be done.

  • Proactive communication

For us, partnership means raising flags when we see issues and brainstorming on possible solutions together.

  • Clear reporting

Clear and detailed reporting on the task level so you’re always up to date about the progress.

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For temporary or short-term projects that need a dedicated IT staff team, outsourcing the entire team makes a lot more sense. Often managed by your CTO or your Product Owner, you’re able to put a group of experienced and talented developers to work on your project much sooner than if you had to hire them yourself. You’re in complete control of the team, and you can manage them the way you want to create the app, software or any digital service you need.

Global-Soft has gone through the time-consuming process of souring the best available talent, testing them and then recruiting them so that you can quickly and easily put them to work on your project.

  • Put staff to work sooner

When using an outsourced IT service provider, we’ll present you with a range of talent for the roles you need. You pick them, and they’re put to work in almost a matter of days. This process makes it easier for you to reach any tight deadlines and get your digital transformation, application development or web development happening sooner rather than later.

  • Cross functionality & agility

Front end developers, back end developers, QA specialists, UX or UI designers – one or all of them. With our outsourced staff services, you can hire one or two developers suited to your needs or an entire stand-alone team that you manage through the software development process. Our teams are experienced working with each other, as well as other external teams. They’re trained and experienced with the most common industry tools and processes and can adapt to any work environment.

  • Project-based development services

Don’t use more than you have to. By hiring a team or several employees on a project-based plan, you won’t over-commit to the requirements of hiring a new in-house employee. Get your outsourced IT team, and when your project is over, they’re not yours to worry about anymore.

  • Better use of your resources

Whether you have a dedicated HR team experienced with recruiting technical developers, or your CTO has to do the recruiting themselves, there are certainly better things that they could be doing. When using an outsourced IT team from Global-Soft, your CTO or HR team has to take their pick from a range of blind CVs, and that’s what your team will be made of.

  • You stay in control

While our talented developers can work without constant supervision, you can rest assured knowing that for the duration of your project, you’re in total control of managing them and putting them to work where you need their skills. Our team has a lot of experience working in cross-functional, internal agile teams.

  • 100% risk-free

Global-Soft can offer you a short term trial period when you take on an entire team or several augmented staff, for an agreed time with no commitment to continue. Our Service Delivery Managers will ensure that we provide the best possible developers from our extensive pool of in-house talent, and you can rest easy knowing that all available staff work to both ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards.

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