Company Web and Mobile app

Company Web and Mobile app
  • Project description:

Our client serves the delivery requirements of individuals and businesses. 

Client was using 4 different Trucking applications to full fill their day to day business needs. They were not happy with that setup as they were facing following issues:

1) Paying high premium for those trucking, dispatch and management apps collectively

2) Centralization of data was not there as all of those providers were different company

3) Tracking of Trucks, shipments and informing to client was taking more time as they had to collect data from different tools

We prepared all in one solution as per client’s requirements to ease their day to day business operations.

Custom Trucking and Dispatch software we prepared for client have following modules:

1) Monitor Assets (Trucks, shipments) as they move across map

2) Fill loads while trucks are returning from delivered shipment

3) Carriers, Customer, Dispatchers and Drivers all were using same applications (drivers were using mobile app) and data so no need to copy paste data and forward to each other.

4) Real time reporting of truck location and expenses per trip.

5) Billing and report module to show Pending invoices,Margin, Load volume and Gross Revenue data.

6) Facility to connect external carriers, brokers and users with system with limited permission.

  •  Languages and Frameworks:

React Native, ASP.NET Core, C#

  • Databases:

Microsoft SQL Server

  • Progect type:

Mobile App, Web Development

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