Ecommerce Platform

Ecommerce Platform
  • Project description:

It’s an ecommerce dashboard and reporting center for multiple ecommerce sites. The system was built with Laravel and Vue. #The Problem The client owned and operated multiple ecommerce websites under different names and brands. Each website has their own products, customers, payment systems and individual teams to manage order fulfillment and other activities. It was very hectic and time consuming for the clients to login in each website and check the orders, activities and reports. #Our Solution: We planned a central system where all the stores’ data will accumulate so that clients could just login into one portal and could see all the stores’ data in one place. The client could see all the orders, customers, transactions and other information in one place and filter them as per his brands or company names. The client could create as many companies/brands he wanted in the system and connect it with the corresponding company/brand website. He could also create different users to manage different company portfolios with specific user permissions.


1. Improved the overall workflow

2 .Saved time by putting all the stores’ data in one place

3. Provided better management insights for effective decision making

  •  Languages and  Frameworks:

JavaScript, PHP, Vue.js, Laravel

  • Databases:

Microsoft SQL Server,  SQLite

  • Progect type:

Web Application

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