Language Training Application

Language Training Application
  • Project description:

This was a MVP application for helping the students who want to take the PTE exam (Pearson Test of English) # The IDEA: The client wanted to develop an application to help the PTE teachers as well as the Educational Organizations that provide PTE training. # The Solution: The web application was divided into separate parts – Student, Teachers, Organizations and Application Admin. Students could create study plans through the web application. They could also study the materials uploaded by teachers or application admins. They could take part in practice test sessions which include the 20 types of questions (similar to the actual PTE test) and get a result instantly. Teachers can create questions, practice tests and courses with study materials. He can evaluate the students’ qualitative answers, take live class and provide one to one support to any student if necessary. Organizations can manage the teachers and students enrollment and their activities like study materials and course creation, practice tests and evaluations etc. Application admin can manage all the users and activities in this web application. Additionally, they can generate different analytical reports on users (students, teachers, education centers) and activities in the system to make the application useful and profitable for everyone.

  •  Languages and  Frameworks:

JavaScript, PHP, Python, Laravel, Vue.js, 

  • Databases:


  • Progect type:

Web Application

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