Photographer Marketplace

Photographer Marketplace
  • Project description:

There were 3 types of users in the marketplace: The client, The photographer and the Admin. Clients could post the photography jobs in the system under different categories such as real estate, wedding or sports photography. While photographers would sign up in the system, they could define their expertise categories and upload 5 images per category to showcase their expertise. Admin would manually verify those images and approve the photographer ‘to apply to the jobs’ in the system. As soon as a new job is posted in the system under any category, photographers having expertise in those categories would get system notification and emails informing them about the new jobs. Once photographers applied, the system would show a recommendation to the client for the ‘best possible fit.’ System would charge the client as soon as he picked a photographer and hold the money in escrow. Once the job is complete, upon request by the photographer and approval by the client, the system would release the money to the photographer. From the admin panel, admin could monitor the approval of photographers and clients and could check the status/progress of all the jobs posted in the system. We used stripe for the payment processing and sendgrid for the mass email notification.

  •  Languages and  Frameworks:

JavaScript, PHP, Laravel

  • Databases:

Microsoft SQL Server,  SQLite

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